Things We Should Know About Gaming Mice

This simple question alone could already stump many enthusiastic gamers, because they may have unique preferences. The answer could be obvious for people who can play eight straight hours on latest first person shooting games, but people who enjoy strategy games with their slow-paced gameplay, may not require dedicated gaming mouse. Some role playing games, such as World of Warcraft could benefit from macro keys that can be mapped to their mouse. There are some mouse models in the market that include many buttons.

Optical or laser sensor? This question has split many computer gamers and many of them argue that optical mice could provide them with more reactive sensor. Unlike laser mice, optical models don’t exhibit lags. Although laser mice technology has been expanded by leaps and bounds, many gamers still don’t consider it as worthy device for their preferences. Clearly, there are some good laser mice that can give us good gaming experience with no lag at all. Dots per inch or DPI is also another characteristic that we need to consider. With higher dpi, we don’t need to move our mouse too far to reach a position on the display.

Proper dpi value allows us to feel the exact motion of the mouse cursor and we will have better control over cursor, crosshair or characters in the game. It is advisable to choose gaming mouse with 800 or 1000 dpi. Mice with higher dpi could cause us to overshoot the target in our game. It should be noted that each person has different preferences on the best gaming mouse solution. Years ago, wireless mice simply couldn’t cope with the fast-paced gaming requirements. Only wired mice could offer lightning fast reactions for gaming purposes.

However, wireless gaming mice could already provide us with a full range of capability and they could satisfy any hardened gamer. Average gamer could still good experience with wired mouse, while wireless one could offer them slightly better convenience. One thing that is quite self explanatory is whether to choose left- or right-handed mouse. Some gamers prefer to get enhanced ergonomic features by choosing mice with claw or palm grip. Gaming mice with claw grip are known for their distinctive shape and users could shape their hands like a claw to move the mouse.

Claw gaming mice could provide us with quick and precise movements in gaming. In this case, users could just pull their mice around with their fingertips to make fine tuned movements. However, claw grip mice could give us rather unnatural feeling comparison to standard palm grip mice. In fact, it may take a few hours of usages to fully appreciate the benefits of claw-shaped mice. With palm grip mice, users would need to place the whole hand on top of their mice and to produce pressure, users would need to squeeze together the heel of the hand and the thumb. Palm gaming mice can be moved faster because gamers can use the thrust of the wrist to move them. These gaming mice is quite comfortable and don’t exert excess pressure on the wrist.

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