Why Companies Need Secure Networks?

Internet connection with appropriate performance could still become a luxury in many offices. The Internet technology has transformed the business world and companies are now relying on them to deliver and acquire services. Business partners and customers would expect to encounter high quality connectivity to our office network. Network comes with its interconnected nature and this could open a new level of productivity among stakeholders. However, there are threats that can disrupt our business, especially if Internet connections don’t work properly. In this case, many companies think that securing their networks are just only an afterthought. This could make a perfect business sense if budget is limited, but it could be quite costly in the long run. However, there are many benefits of having a secure network. With a highly secure network, we could consequently spend less money to maintain the network. Our networks will also have fewer problems and they will become much more reliable. Highly secure networks ensure improved productivity among employees, partners and customers. They should protect our investment, because bandwidth can be used efficiently and shielded against abusive and inappropriate usages. Companies with highly secure networks could also be protected against numerous legal issues.

There are many tricks to secure our networks and we should be able to glean information from many journals and documentation. In general, we should try to enhance our computer security significantly. It should be noted that we may not be able to guarantee an entirely comprehensive security. We should be able to balance requirements carefully when implementing security measures, because this could be associated with significant investment in money and time. In general, we should keep our business objectives in mind and build our network strategies around them. We also need to form a number of essential strategies to ensure highly secure networks.

One of the most important strategies is providing sufficient security training for all employees, including executives and the lowest-ranking employees. They should be educated on essential and basic practices in digital security to help the company safeguard sensitive and critical data. It is always important to establish rules and policies. We may also need to introduce penalties for violating rules, depending on the severity. Protecting sensitive data, especially in financial organizations is critical and training may need to be performed on a regular basis to make sure that all employees are still motivated enough to follow up all the rules needed.

There are common topics we may need to include, such as safe usages of web-related technologies, such as video streaming, social networking platforms, instant messaging and others. We may need to introduce prohibited activities and ways to prevent hackers from harming our networks. One of such technique is by using very strong passwords. Weak and predictable passwords are common ways to help hackers to penetrate our networks and there are still people who use phone numbers, child’s names and date of birth as passwords. Strong passwords should contain letters, symbols and numbers.

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