Understanding Email Technology

Email is among the most important Internet-based technologies and it is commonly used by many people. It has replaced snail mails and it could include many different contents other than simple text, such as pictures, videos, URL and any kind of file. However, there are some limitations associated with email technology. As an example, email storage has its limits. If we host company website in local servers, hard disk crashes could cause messages to become destroyed and many of them can’t be recovered. Email servers are actually the Internet post offices and they are dedicated to send, receive and route emails messages. POP3 is the protocol used by the receiving side and SMTP is for the sending side. Email servers can perform both SMTP and POP3 protocols. Emails are essentially software solutions and they are manly represented by a mail box. It is the place where email messages that people send to us are collected.

Emails are associated with specific addresses and this will allow email servers to ensure that emails are sent to the right person. It could take seconds to complete the task and in many cases, it can be nearly instantaneous. Any email platform allows us to add file attachment and we could include any kind of file we want. However, it could mean that infected files can be easily added into the attachment. However, most email services automatically scan attachments for virus and malware, however we still need to make sure that the file is acceptable. Any email with infected attachment can be automatically purged and the sender could be banned from sending more emails. There are limits on size of attachments, some could allow us add up to 100MB of attachments. It should be noted that emails has a distinct difference when compared to online chat services. Chatting services are typically considered as real-time online conversation. Although it is possible for make conversation with email messages, it would be time consuming to open new emails to read new replies and write answers.

Microsoft is still the leader in email client solutions with Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail. These solutions can be advanced enough that we could define when we should send email messages in the draft. Just like with any online solutions, file sizes are also essential and this is especially true, because many people tend to save their email messages and don’t remove them. It should be noted that Microsoft Outlook could become increasingly slower if there are too many files and messages in the inbox. It is true that many computers already have 8GB of RAM or more, but it is important to always optimize our machines. The problem could be the fact that messages in these email solutions could make us disorganized. In fact, there are email messages that contain up to 4GB of attachments, especially if we need to send large design files with high resolutions. Deleting old messages is a basic level of maintenance works and we need to do this quite often. It is also important to backup important messages, because hard drives will eventually fail to work.

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