Monitor and Graphics Cards Troubleshooting

There are many amazing things we can do with our computer and we could do them only when we have working monitors. There are times when we need to relax and play games, but it could be annoying to know that our monitor is broken. There are things we need to do when we plan to diagnose screen problems. In some cases, it is very easy to do and it could be cause by cables that come loose. It means that our monitor could get unplugged accidentally and in some cases, our monitor could simply get old and need to be replaced. Whatever our situation is, we should check all cables and we need to know that all connections are working properly. There are computer problems that we can avoid easily and we should be aware that our computer will eventually get broken. A cat could get curious and our foot could kick out the cable. There are many things that could render our monitor unusable. When checking cables, we should make sure that our monitor has proper power. If it has power and says that it is, but it doesn’t receive any signal, then we may need to check cable.

The screen could show bars of colors and this would be a good indication that we are not receiving signal. The quickest way to isolate problems is by using different monitors and seeing what happen. If the problem is repeated on the new monitor, it is possible that there’s a problem with our graphic card. It may not be seated properly, dirty or simply cease to function. In general, monitors don’t have many diagnosable problems. It should be noted that we should never open a monitor. It has highly charged capacitors that could cause deadly electrocution. The glorious graphic cards are essential for people who want to get more from their computers. Both Intel and AMD processors are already equipped with embedded graphics solutions and we don’t actually need dedicated cards for basic computing tasks, such as web browsing or document editing. However, latest games won’t run smoothly or look good without proper graphics cards. If our monitor fails to show anything, then the problem could be associated with our graphics cards. This should be a good time to analyze our situation.

There’s no way to repair dead graphics card and if we are not planning to replace it anytime soon, it would be a good idea to enable the integrated graphics solutions. However, if our computer seems to run sluggishly when running latest games, it is probably a good idea to check manufacturer’s website for the latest driver. If we see artifacts, such as weir colors and jagged, random objects on the screen, it could indicate that our cards have overheating problems. In many cases, we could simply clean the cards and it will return to the normal operating temperature. In other cases, it could be caused by troublesome power supply and graphics cards need to get stable power.

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