Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats – Make Your Game More Exciting

End of the long wait, another Grand Theft Auto after six years.  Rockstar has come up with flawless game which is rare for this big a game.  This is an amazing edition that adds substance to the series; moreover the overall game play makes it one of the best video game of all time. You can play the game on your pc or console and check the GTA 5 cheats on your mobile that helps you play the game smooth while the cheats are handy.

To term Grand Theft Auto an ambitious project is an understatement. The world it creates almost living and breathing world. The details of the game is better than any other game in the market, it is beautifully planned and worked out to give the gamers a unique feel. This is possible because it almost put together the best of other games and put it into one gameplay that is uniquely planned and packaged. GTA 5 cheats app are available on your mobile phone; playing GTA with cheat code is a different feel altogether. The strategy and intention, hence the gameplay, changes and becomes more exciting.

New Concept Introduced in the Game

In the Grand Theft Auto 5 a new exciting concept has been introduced- here you can play as three different characters. This created a wrong impression among the gamers that the game will be muddled up and it will lose its sharp plot. It has handle skill fully so that the transition between characters looks swift and smooth; it has been dealt with innovative technique and provides a new perspective to the gameplay.

Three different characters give you three different experiences.  Franklin is the youngest character who is dependent on driving ability for most of his outings. While Michael is mob star who has now settled down and lives a family life. Other than this there is Trevor who is like time bomb who has been unleashed and he adds an amazing depth to the game. This is the craziest character ever.

It holds on to the previous format in some cases while the storyline is full of events. The mission structures are best ever. You can drive bulldozers, fly helicopters and sometimes fly through the windows. Most of the games now a day have about 9-10 hours; this game has a marathon-like length. The game has many missions that are character specific which will keep you busy in the game.

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