Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Camera Inspired By S6 Edge

The all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is going to hit the market and on other hand, different manufacturers are preparing for their beast launch for example iPhone 6S Plus and Xperia Z4. But who would win the race of best camera? People are betting on Sony Xperia because, Sony is always considered as good at camera sensor but this year, Samsung may bring surprise.

In the leaked specs of Note 5, it is clear most of the features and specifications set are based on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which is actually giving the good performance. By focusing heads in the photo it is possible to avoid distortion at the edges, but against the top of the castle is lost. The positive side is that we can get away more advantage the rest of the box to include objects behind us, but we are limited in the kind of photos we can do if we want to go straight. Personally I would have preferred a closer focal distance, but I have to admit that I could do selfies could not have done with my iPhone. Otherwise the quality of the front chamber S6 is adequate, but not outstanding. The colors are usually generally cold and softening effect, which fortunately can be disabled. Overall, good configuration for the S6 Edge camera specs, but would it be enough for the competing other brands beasts, is still a question for Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

 It is hard to argue with the overall quality of the photos that makes the Galaxy S6. I do not like to give numerical scores, but certainly would put on par with the iPhone 6 Plus camera, which until now seemed the best ever. The S6 is somewhat better in day outdoors (more detail), is virtually the same in low light level (better at some things and worse in others) and focuses faster when there is light but much worse when there is not. Samsung’s work in this area is outstanding, but it is the S6 value flexibility in all situations and so same would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

 We know that the camera is fast and S6 makes stunning pictures, but … how is in day to day? How to all situations in which we will want to take a picture it fits? It is very easy to do a screen test with scenarios where we stand ready to take the picture with tranquility and a perfect light. In the real world this is not so, and often have only four seconds to make the perfect shot or light conditions crazy to phone. One of the things I value most in a smartphone’s camera that allows me to control exposure quickly and easily. I do not usually need a full manual mode, but I need that if the phone decides an exposure value “X” I can quickly tell you want more or less light, for example, or if I see the object you want to photograph keeps coming out too dark. Well, overall performance of S6 edge camera is nice, so we are expecting right for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge.

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