What Are Hybrid Bicycles?

What Are Hybrid Bicycles?

If you’ve browsed through any bike catalogs lately you’ll have seen a new type of bike being sold. This bike is of course the hybrid. While hybrids have always existed in some form, only recently has the build really come into its own and attracted the attention of the biking world.

Truth is, hybrid bikes offer a range of benefits that most others can’t. In this article we’ll take a look at these benefits, as well as define what makes a hybrid what it is.

 What are Hybrid Bikes?

A hybrid bike is a versatile type of bike, made for both road use and off-roading. It takes the best  of a mountain bike and the best bits of a racing bike and combines them to create a bike that offers the best of both worlds.

Most major biking companies now offer hybrid bikes. These models have proved extremely popular with the public, including entry level cyclists.

 How Much do Hybrids Cost?

 The average price of a hybrid can vary wildly. While some models will be at the lowest point in the market, others will cost a small fortune. This variety is a good thing though, as it means you have plenty of choice.

Depending on what your needs are, you’ll be able to get your hands on a bike that can handle all types of terrain, at a price that’s best for you.

 The Disadvantages of Hybrids

Naturally, hybrid bikes do have several disadvantages. One of these disadvantages, at least according to some cyclists, is they’re too mainstream. They’re made for the Sunday morning rider, rather than the hardcore hobbyist.

This is a fair criticism, and is true in most respects. Hybrids have been designed to cater to a wide audience, rather than a specific section of the market. If somebody does a lot of off-road riding, opting for a full mountain bike is probably the better bet. Same applies with long-distance riding. A hybrid doesn’t have enough features to rival a dedicated racing bike, meaning those intent on using their bike for sport should opt for one that caters to long journeys.

 Perfect for Cities, Perfect for Commuters

While hybrid bikes could be described as middle of the road bikes, that’s their main advantage. Somebody who travels over multiple terrains will benefit from this type of bike more than any other. Those on their morning commute will enjoy their new bike’s ability to go over grass, rock and pavement, and will find its versatility appealing.

It’s no surprise the hybrid has become one of the most desired types of bike on the market. It appeals to so many people, and as a consequence has so many potential buyers. If we’ve just described you in this last part of the article, maybe it’s time to invest in a hybrid bike yourself.

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