5 Ways To Pitch To The Media

5 Ways To Pitch To The Media

The media is one of the best ways to get coverage about your business into the public eye. Media attention can come from online magazines and websites to newspapers and magazines to even TV spots with both local and national news stations that you can find and watch via http://satellitepackages.net/directv-select-package.html. While it is exciting to be in the spotlight, it can be frustrating when your business never seems to make headlines.

Many businesses tend to believe that the businesses who have received media coverage were merely lucky; however, many businesses actually gather media attention by pitching a story or newsworthy information about their business to the media.

Pitching an idea does not always offer media interest immediately. But, there are some tools you can master on how to pitch a successful story to the media, beginning with these five:

  1. Research

When it comes to pitching ideas, research is the key to finding success. It is important to match a pitch with the media company you are pitching to. For instance, if you have a local community event coming up, it is important to contact local relations first. If the event was successful and did a lot to help the community, the next step is pitching to national media relations.

Additionally, it is important to research what newspapers, magazines, and online publications like to cover. If your content does not match their criteria, then it is probably not a wise idea to waste your time pitching an idea to them.

  1. Commonality

The best way to network with the media is to find a publication or journalist who has something in common with either you or your business. If your business donates half of its proceeds to children in need, find a journalist who is also philanthropic. If they have a vested interest in something your company promotes, they will be more likely to propel your story into media coverage.

  1. The Reason

In order to get a pitch listened to, it is imperative you include the reason why you are pitching them the idea. In essence, why should they care? And why should the public care? Answering these questions will make your pitch standout, for you are handing showing them that you have tailored your pitch to their media outlet.

  1. The Story

When giving them the information, try to help them picture the story in their mind. Offer background information, factual accounts, customer reviews, and videos that documented the event or the story. Set the stage, otherwise the story can fall on deaf ears.

  1. The Pitch

Once you have done your research, have your facts, and feel prepared to sell yourself and your business, reach out to any media companies you have on your target list. But, try to keep your pitch to just a few companies. The media is a small community, and companies who send out mass pitches tend to be seen in a negative light.

These five tips can help you garner some press about your business.

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