Things To Consider When Buying A Smart Phone

In today’s fast track world which has now become driven by latest technology and continuous innovations –consumer electronics are a critical factor in our daily lives .Lets focus specifically on smart phones which have in fact integrated in our daily lives like never before.

We often tend to go for latest gadgets and phone whenever there is a new breakthrough or a latest release. Should I say people are impatient and curious about having a new phone.You can see a long que in front of an apple store whenever there comes a new iPhone.

Here let’s discuss about few important things to know when you look for buying a new smart phone.

Things to look for

  • Camera
  • Internal storage
  • Software
  • Display size and clarity
  • Brand and battery power


Camera is an essential component seen when buying a new phone. It’s important to have a good camera when you require excellent photo qualities. We should at least make sure that the device has at least 5mp camera .But mega pixels are not important as photo clarity. 5 mp can give better clarity than an 8 mp camera when compare it with some models. Camera should have an auto focus must be capable of taking HDR photos and record HD videos also taking in account color quality. If you need to some repairing services then iPhone-mend can give you the best services.

Internal Storage

It’s important that a phone must have an at least 4 GB of internal storage. Some phone do carry 2gb of internal storage but it’s not enough to handle high definition games .In case of  8 GB of internal storage we must know that 5 GB of free storage should be available in order to experience better and smooth performance along with micro SD card support or memory card.


Is it windows, android, IOS? Which version does it includes? Are they latest? Windows and android are good along with IOS but must compare it with specifications.

Display and Clarity

Windows phone should be seen with better display clarity. It’s good for viewing High Definition video which must be seen in a camera.


Battery is very important at least with one day battery backup with 2000 mp. If the battery is not good enough, then you need to go with something else. A good battery is everything when you are looking to purchase the best smart phone.

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