How To Get More People To Follow You On Twitter

If you’re inspired by Charles Phillips tweets, then you’re probably looking for ways to raise the number of followers you have on Twitter. Twitter can be a great way to express your unique ideas and promote your brand. However, when you first start out on Twitter, it can oftentimes feel like you’re just talking to yourself. This is why it’s useful to know great strategies that will help you to raise your Twitter followers. Here are some tips on how you can get more people to follow you on Twitter.

Follow Others

Not everyone you follow will follow you back, but a great deal of them will. This is why it’s more useful to follow “normal people” than it is to follow famous people or companies, as ordinary people are more likely to follow you back than celebrities or brands. It’s a good idea to regularly add the users that Twitter suggests for you in the sidebar.

Produce High Quality Tweets

No one wants to re-Tweet or favorite junk. Instead, really try to produce great, high-quality Tweets. These Tweets are more likely to be re-Tweeted or chosen as favorites by other users. Even if you don’t have a lot of people following your Twitter feed, sometimes all it takes is one Tweet to be re-Tweeted multiple times over and attract new followers to your account.

Link Your Twitter Account Elsewhere

Ideally, all of your social media accounts should work in perfect harmony. Be sure to link your Twitter account to your Facebook account, Instagram, blog and anywhere else where people can find you online. You can even put a link to your Twitter account in your e-mail signature. The more you promote your Twitter account outside of Twitter, the more exposure it will receive.

Actually Talk To People

Twitter gives you the ability to take to others, via “@” messages, for a reason. This platform isn’t just supposed to be about you speaking at your audience, it’s supposed to be about speaking with them. Don’t be afraid to “talk to strangers” so to speak. While this can feel awkward on more personal sites like Facebook or Google+, it’s downright expected on Twitter. The more you reply to people, the more comfortable you’ll become with the concept of striking up random conversations in cyberspace.

Don’t Beg

The worst way to get followers is by begging for them. Don’t become one of those people who’s constantly Tweeting about how they want or “need” more followers. If you want to be cool on Twitter, don’t beg or plead for people to re-Tweet you or follow your account. Truthfully, this typically ends with you losing followers, not gaining them. People want to follow people for their content, so focus on that.

These days, Twitter is essential for just about every profession and brand. If you follow these tips, you can attract more people to your account. When used correctly, Twitter can help you to form new business connections and even new friends.

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