When A Mobile Disaster Is Heading Your Way

Welcome to the mobile age. It is a phase in the normal progression of the ever advancing digital evolution where on demand also means on the go. Customized ring tones, alerts, text messages, and streaming content not only exists as a possibility, it has become a critical part of the daily existence for the true digital native. Never before has it been so easy to stay connected around the globe. All it takes is a single mishap to put one’s favorite digital mobile device into a state of disrepair. When this happens, it is like access to the entire world has been denied to the person experiencing a mobile disaster. The following are a few ways your mobile device could be damaged when you least expect it.

The Mobile Crunch

It’s been a rushed day. You set your mobile device in your usual seat and run off to the bathroom before class starts. You have a test in a few moments, and your mind is submerged in facts, figures, and other details of the recall process. You hurry back to class, take your seat, and forget that your mobile device was occupying your seat. All of a sudden you hear a crunching sound as the weight of your body breaks the screen on your mobile device. According to Verizon, it is just as dangerous to leave your smartphone in your back pocket. Sitting on mobile devices is one of the more common ways to ensure that you will have to replace or repair your mobile lifeline.
Solution? Well, it’s obvious, keep your phone in your front pocket if you absolutely have to, or better yet, leave it in your bag. It doesn’t have to be on you 24/7.

The Pet Got Hold of Your Mobile Phone

Your new dog is certainly a bundle of joy. He’s a ball of fur that bounces all over your apartment and loves to snuggle up to you when your favorite show is on the television. What may not be so cute is that your lovable new dog has a chewing habit. His current favorite toy happens to be the expensive smartphone you just purchased. By the time you realize he’s got your smartphone in his mouth and pawing it with his nails, he’s already left scratches and chew marks all over it. It is considered a matter of best practice to make sure your smartphone is kept well out of the reach of pets.

Why Walking and Texting is Dangerous to Your Mobile Phone

The joke used to be that a person could not walk and chew gum at the same time. For some people, the problem is walking, chewing gum, and diverting even more attention to texting as they slam head first into a brick wall or trip over a curb into oncoming traffic. Although this may be entertaining to those watching from the sidelines, it is no fun to watch your expensive smartphone flying into traffic and being run over by a stream of passing cars. Electronic components will easily be squashed and distributed all over the road. In the future, keep your mobile device in your pocket when walking near traffic or, if you have to text, use voice texting option in Whatsapp, Viber and other apps while you keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Dropping Your Mobile Device

Jimmy, from accounting, accidentally spilled his coffee all over Nancy. The searing heat caused her to react by tossing her hands, along with her smartphone, into the air. Unfortunately, when a glass screen meets a hard tile floor, the sound of shattered glass is unmistakable. If only Nancy thought to house her smartphone in a protective case, then this expensive outcome may have been avoided altogether. Another solution is data recovery – if you think that, just because your device is not working anymore, all data is lost, worry no more. This story proves that there’s always hope for those that don’t give up.

When Your Mobile Device Comes up Missing

According to this source, because mobile phones have become smaller and more expensive, this makes them a far more attractive target for common thieves. Since a good percentage of crimes involve the theft of mobile phones, this makes mobile phone theft a problem for just about anyone who owns one. For this reason, it is smart to take down your mobile phone’s IMEI (the international mobile equipment identity), which is a fifteen digit number generally located on your phone behind the battery. Also, another option is remote tracking and remote data wipe, as well as setting up your screen lock with a 4 digit PIN and making use of regular backups with apps like Helium.


Mobile devices are here to stay. As a result, it is to be expected that they will be involved in numerous unforeseen disasters to come. Preventing these disasters is often a simple matter of adopting a safer mobile device use policy. This is especially true when you depend on your mobile device to aid you through your daily routine.

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