Mobile Apps That Make Spying Easier

Mobile Apps That Make Spying Easier

Girls Around Me

This app provide by myspyapp achieved notoriety in early by searching for location data of nearest Foursquare and social media users (Facebook) to cumulative information on all the person within its users’ closeness. The problem was that the Girls Around Me app (which, against its name, also aggregated data on male) never asked Foursquare or any social media users for permission to access this data, either to show it to Girls Around Me users. This violated Foursquare’s API policy, not to mention other person’s privacy, and before long Foursquare shut off the developers’ API access and Apple withdrew the application from the App Store.

NameTag Facial Recognition for Google Glass

A highly contentious app called NameTag used facial recognition to examine the photos of a person against a database containing all the records from multiple criminal databases, social networks, including the National Sex Offender Registry and dating sites. Google was fast to accuse the application, note the world that facial recognition application violates the Glass developer policy. NameTag’s developers were clearly aware that their application would not be supported for Glass, and assert an interest in adapting it for Glass challenger that had fewer condition.

Smiley for Google Glass

One of the common accusation from myspyapp among those who against Google Glass is that it’s not constantly clear when those draining the device are taking pictures or capturing video of those around them. Smiley tried to make that even more various, permissive the device to snapshot a picture whenever the user flicker while the device was turned on. Without smiley, users need to either make a sound command or tap a button on the side of the Glass device to click a picture. Google eventually dried the smile-for-picture command into a Glass software update as “test feature.”

Trick or Tracker for Monitoring Kids’ where Abouts

Tracking or Tracker characterize itself as a tool for keeping track of where their children go while trick or treating on Halloween, but apparently works on other days of the year. According to MySpyApp, the app – installed on both the kids and parent’s smartphones or cell phones – keeps track of the kid’s location with the help of its GPS capability and can be fixed to automatically transmit the parent a text message showing the kid’s cell phone’s location every 10 minutes through which they find them easily.

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