The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Technology On Today

The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Technology On Today

There are many things to welcome first before pointing out the mistake of the technology. This is not a fighting against present system and only advising to improve technology. In this first point is the mobile device used for communication purpose, many people use and even villagers’ use and they communicate each other.

Same time in modern life, many people need their needs in hand, without moving from their place. of course there is no doubt they are working hard. For improving present technology, in this connection the normal mobile phones are good to use for speaking and communicating through typing but many people find it hard to type they speak so traffic is always busy. Same time, the message based technology is waste and it is used as an application.

These texts are used presently only by educated people, not by illiterate so, earning people are buying smart phone and downloading applications offered by government and other business sectors and contacting for each and everything and actions are taken fast for good and bad usages. In this condition a person is using a service from third party sex partner and that application is visible on his phone. The devise shows of all inside application to others. Same time, the Leomaster is searching his mother through his own way of investigation by registering in a site and receiving messages and sending replays immediately. He is good person nice character appreciated by all in the city people.

When such adult site application is visible to others, it is shame first; next he has to say he has to search his missing mother from family, through this site. Therefore each one need to hide something in their life, there is no option to show all in the mobile phone in present condition. But the new application is hiding all, and making the owner to select and use the application by his own mind.

Hide All Your Secrets Even To Your Secretary

One should understand, secret is for both good and bad things, even very good thing happens without expectation kills human life in heart attack simple or massive depends upon age and body condition of the person in taking things easy in life. When a person made a research it kills two and brings energy for millions mean everyone will appreciate. This way, the latest invention is available as, Leomaster this can be said protecting self or keeping secrets in a device.

In previous days dictionary was found and people record and use in manual written paper. But this is same but without using pen and ink to order a product or service. Just requesting all services through simple test and it is stored already this technology is used in present life for VIP and respected person in the society. In this present world nobody can live without technology water to bedroom technology serves people. This hiding technology of the personals and personal based images videos and all is safe plus used by user only.

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