Addressing Niche Markets Through Digital Display

In today’s media saturated environment it is becoming increasingly difficult for advertisers to get the attention of their desired markets. Individuals are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of advertising messages per day in urbanized areas through both traditional advertising streams, such as print and television, as well as online displays. At the same time, audiences have become more used to the high quality graphics and dynamism of digital advertising and as a result become more prone to ‘banner blindness’, overlooking more traditional advertising displays. In modern, urban spaces, advertisers are continuously engaged in a battle for people’s attention.

There is a lot that can be learned from a company which has succeeded in cutting through the cacophony of advertising messages to directly engage their audience. One company that has innovated a new means of engaging a niche market is Executive Channel Network.

Executive Channel Network is an international organization which operates a network of digital screens in major office buildings across Australia, the United Kingdom, France and Holland.  Executive Channel International is the organisation’s parent company. Bruce Fink, the company’s co-founder and Executive Chairman has overseen the company’s international growth. Bruce Fink has recently announced the appointment of News Limited’s former CEO Mr Kim Williams and Dr Frank Wolf, the co-founder of Abacus Property Group, as non-executive Directors. Chris Winterburn, the Managing Director of Media i, was also appointed as an Executive Director. They will assist in guiding the business as it continues to grow.

Executive Channel’s digital network is created with a range of installations including high definition video walls, large format digital screens, in-lift screens and corporate car park displays. Displayed across these screens is a mix of live news, relevant industry content and full motion display advertising.

While Executive Channel’s approach to advertising is multifaceted, their success can be primarily attributed to three essential qualities.

Firstly, Executive Channel has filled a space which previously did not display advertising: executive office spaces. Executive Channel has positioned their network to be in the spaces where executive workers spend the majority of their time each week. As a result what they display across their screens is in front of their target audience.

Secondly, Executive Channel’s digital network optimizes their displays using dynamic, high quality visuals. This reduces the likelihood that people will pass by the displays without having the advertisement grab their attention.

Finally and perhaps most significantly, Executive Channel conducts continual research into their audience. Executive Channel’s research uncovers the interests of executive workers, from what foods they enjoy and what products they spend their money on. This allows Executive Channel to facilitate more meaningful connections between their executive audience and advertisers.

Executive Channel has proven there are still spaces in which advertisers can engage their target audiences so long as they also utilize the tools that speak to that audience and carry messages that resonate with that audience. Digital displays are currently a highly impactful means of engaging people, though this form of advertising must still be directed in content to be meaningful to a target audience.

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