Make The Phone Self Safe and Protective by Installing LEO Privacy Guard

Now the mobile users are not required to worry about the misuse of their content by any of the outside unknowns as LEOMASTER a leading mobile app developer has launched a new privacy protection app for its users to secure their mobile phones and its content. The app by the name LEO Privacy Guard is available in different versions that have been made compatible with the android mobile phones to safeguard them against the privacy modes. The app is now available on Play store where one can see and review LEO Privacy Guard V3 to know its features and usability.

Features of LEO Privacy Guard-

  • Simple and easy to understand-The app is designed in a very simple way where the main interface includes lock, setting tabs, privacy protection for checking the status of the privacy protection level. It is very user friendly which streamlines the smooth user experience.
  • Intelligent App locking tool-With the rapid developments taking place in the digital world, the introduction of various smart phones is in boom. Everyone is making use of the various e commerce websites and apps and other social media apps that are very vulnerable. This LEO privacy guard helps in anticipating the multiple scenarios by giving full control over the duration, location and the other prospects.
  • Protective levels-This innovative application categorizes the privacy protection across different levels ranging from dangerous, vigilant, and good to the perfect ones. It takes the settings according to the users smart phone conditions, which help the user making a proper choice.
  • Protection of photos and videos- The world has adopted social media in a very positive way,but there are few things, which are not to be shared with anyone. For such latest images and videos that are not to be shared with others, LEO privacy guard, makes it very easy for the user of the phone to hide their personal stuff and keeping them private.

The LEO Privacy Guard V3 has a speed boost feature included, as well as some fancy new app covers that make it even easier to fool someone that is trying to gain access to locked apps and such. This new version also has the ability to take a photo of someone trying to gain access your secure and private content. It is a great stuff that one can get from a single application.

The unbeatable features of LEO privacy guard have been adopted by ever-smart phone user to gain the maximum benefits out of it. It is the best way to protect a phone’s confidential data with the feature of hiding the complete folders that are not intended to be shared with others. You can even Review Leo Privacy Guard V3 for its exciting features

Apart from the above-discussedfeatures, the LEO security Guard helps in maintaining a privacy level for the phone users and even Wi-Fi security scan can also be locked. The lock and hide, anti theft and mobile speed booster features are also very beneficial in using the data safely.

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