Watch Blu-rays On A Smart Phone

Analysts from IDC at an earlier time of this year predicted that the smart phone shipments of 2015 could reach 1.44 billion global wide, that’s a 10.4% increase over the last year. To translate this analysis into plain word, now nearly a third of the population on this planet has a smart phone. Undoubtedly, smart phones are now taking much of peoples’ lives than ever before. Besides the basic communication purpose, what is the most used feature of a smart phone? Maybe most of you will say the access to internet. Well, that is very hard to deny. But, to a great many people out there, watching videos on a smart phone also plays an important role.

Given the fact that the smart phones shipped today are equipped with large onboard storage RAMs, plus the capability to process high resolution videos, watching HD videos on smart phones become more and more popular. Where to get those HD videos? One can buy from Amazon Prime, Apple iTunes, or he can convert his Blu-rays into smart phone ready videos. And to do that, a Blu-ray converter software is needed, and I recommend Sothink Blu-ray Ripper. To find out what it is capable of, just check things out below.

Sothink Blu-ray Ripper allows users to convert their personally owned Blu-ray movies, be it a Blu-ray disc, a Blu-ray image file, or a Blu-ray movie folder saved on computer hard disc drive, for almost all the smart phones. The entire process is super easy and the UI is plainly simple for even beginners.

Sothink Blu-ray Ripper has prepared for each device a pre-optimized conversion profile, which it stores in its profile bank, where users are supposed to browse by manufacturers to find the specific device to convert for. Almost all the mainstream manufacturers are included in this super Blu-ray ripper software, like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, HTC, Amazon, NOKIA, etc. All the users need to do is find the device they have and then convert. However, if you are a little bit technical sensitive, you can even go to the conversion settings panel to reset all the settings there according to your own needs. Things you can freely customize include video aspect ratio, resolution, bit rate, audio bit rate, channel, encoding method, conversion pass, etc.

In general, Sothink Blu-ray Ripper can be very helpful to both ordinary people who simply wants to convert their Blu-rays into some correct video formats so that they can kill time when on the move, and the most demanding video lover or tech savvies who have a solid understanding of video conversion and want to customize the conversion process with their own standards. Additionally, it’s only $56.99 for one year subscription, and $86.99 for a lifetime license for you to get a copy. But, the best option to go is to try it out before you throw your money on it, as it offers anyone 30 days for the evaluation purpose. Don’t waste the advantage. Once you are sure it is your dish, you can then buy a license at

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