Cloud Based Solutions For Improving Efficiency & Speed Of Doctors Offices

There’s no denying that doctors have the most important profession in the world. But a doctor cannot always work on his/her own. A team of professionals work in coordination to deliver the best-possible medical service. The efficiency and productivity of each professional will have an impact on the life-saving duties of a medical practitioner. It is crucial for a doctor’s clinic or hospital to take all measures to ensure that no stones are left unturned in providing optimal services to patients. This is where technology comes into the picture and simplifies and speeds up various administrative and records based processes to ensure that doctors are able to deliver their duties promptly while relying on accurate information.

Cloud Technology: Saving Lives by Making Information Easily Accessible

Today technology plays a crucial role in saving the lives of people. New medical equipment, laser based operative procedures and many other instruments are helping save lives. Medical facilities have to maintain patient records and make them available instantly to doctors and other professionals. Even if you install advanced applications, there are still limitations to where and when you can access the desired information. Cloud technology is nothing less than a gift in the IT field. Medical professionals can now access any required information about patients on the go. This can help you save more lives by taking decisions quickly. This article will introduce you to the best-possible cloud based solutions for doctors.

SharePoint Gratis: This cloud based solution allows doctors and their staff to share, collaborate and communicate instantly and on the go. You can have patient records and reports accessed immediately. You can institute your departments to run additional tests and view the reports instantly on the cloud. You can also share reports with other specialists and collaborate online and take decisions. All this can be done on your mobile device even when you are on the go. Thus, you will be taking critical decisions that will help save more lives.

The SharePoint service allows you to communicate and share the information over your own website. The site can be built instantly on this service without the need to have advanced skills. You could develop any kind of website, including an intranet that will allow you to remain in touch with all your key staff members. The best thing is that the site will not cost you.

You can store all your patient records, reports and documents on the site. You and your staff will then be able to access the records any time and from anywhere.

Benefits of SharePoint Gratis

A big advantage of using the SharePoint Gratis service is that it gives you freedom and there is no longer any need to be stuck with your desktop. All the files and documents are saved on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere and by anyone as long as they have the login. In other words, you could even have other specialists taking a look at your patient’s records so as to help you with the case.

Another advantage of the SharePoint website is that it is compatible with all operating systems and devices. So when you want to access files or communicate, you can use any device including an iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablet, BlackBerry device, Mac or Windows computer.

It is no longer difficult to have your staff coming together to help save the lives of your patients. Check this link: for more information about this cloud solution.

Windows Cloud Desktop: With cloud virtual desktop your clinic/hospital and increase its overall productivity of employees, reduce overhead costs and process more patients through the out-patient-department everyday. It will allow your staff to access patient information and other data stored on the virtual desktop instantly from anywhere. Your staff will have more freedom, without being confined to the desktop, and you will increase your office’s efficiency and reduce the delays experienced by patients. Overall, patient service and patient count will improve.

Windows Cloud Desktop for Doctors from Apps4Rent provides your staff access to your existing applications. You and your team can always access the files and records using a simple browser or Remote Data Protocol from any device.

Besides, your team will be able to access local resources like printers remotely. Doctors can also set access permissions so that they can control who will be able to access how much information about patients. All data is backed up daily in multiple copies and in multiple locations. You will also have 24×7 support always available to answer your queries. Visit for more information about this cloud based solution.

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