Samsung Galaxy S7 the new Galaxy to Look On To

The world we live in has been a better place to live in from the past and to all these betterments and positive vibes we get, one needs to thank the coming up of the technical advancements and scientific developments. Amidst all these, we are surrounded by many gadgets and devices in our everyday lives that we get completely entangled in them. In the field of technology, Samsung has retained a good name and thus marks the position of the top notch since a few years.

The company has the credit of selling the maximum number of phones to itself and yet is still in the process of making better smart phones for the race. It has recently introduced the coming up of its latest flagship model the all newSamsung Galaxy S7. With the coming of the new model it is a natural issue of enlightening the audience with the features of the new phone.

The Making of the Samsung Galaxy S7

The making of the Samsung Galaxy S7 has been a tough job for the company who has made the phone with the newly formed alloy of magnesium white that assures the phone of being light in weight and thus handy. The outer body of the phone is made with curves at the rear part that make it comfortable to hold in the hand. Holding such a phone in one’s hand will be a matter of pride and one would easily like to flaunt about it.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a display of 5.5 inches that makes it the next big thing with a super Amoled display of Full HD and 4K resolution in it. The display is covered and protected by the new glass named Turtle glass that is believed to be a tougher glass than the corning gorilla glass and this adds to the point of protection of the phone.

The point of processor and software in it takes a different angle all together for the phone. The all new Samsung Galaxy S77 is made with a 64bit Exynos processor that is coupled with a 4.5 GHz Snapdragon processing unit that would help to make it run smooth and fast together. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a 4GB RAM space that would make it have space more that than of a laptop thus meaning that it would help do all the work that would require a laptop on it and thus reduce the use of it too.

Camera That Matters Alot

When it comes to the camera, it has the points to raise the eyebrows of many at a time. The all new Samsung Galaxy S7 has a rear camera of 30 megapixels that would produce images as good as an image clicked with a DSLR camera. Along with which the camera has features like auto focus, changeable ISO and shutter speed and LED flash in it. When it comes to the front camera, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a 10 megapixels camera that would facilitate the fact of clicking crystal clear selfies with it and thus capturing the nice and memorable moments of life.

The Samsung Galaxy S7is priced at a cost of 53k for the Indian markets and is expected to hit them in the early 2016

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