A glance at HTC One M10!

HTC is a name which has got fame for its fabulous features. The release of its following model is due and people have started discussing about its specifications and features. Some are saying that camera would be amazing in it and some are remarking it would be super fast. Some are expecting to see remarkable battery life in it and some are saying that it would have distinguishing screen. Internet is overflowing with the articles related to it. But there are a lot of contradictory statements and in such a scenario; it might not be easy to ascertain what is true.

Through this article we have attempted to take you out from this state of dilemma; so that you can develop a clear picture about this fabulous handset. Let’s know HTC One M10.

Introduction: HTC has won the love of the Smartphone users since it has hit the market in 2013, since then there was no looking back. But the people were quite disappointed with the previous model, HTC One M9 as it could not cater to their needs. HTC has worked hard to never let this failure repeat in future. So, we can expect that the new models have much more to offer.

New name: HTC has decided to eliminate any element of failure as was seen in HTC One M9, so probably a new name is also suggested for the new model along with the enhanced feature. The likely name for HTC One M10 could be HTC Two, but more about it would be known with the time.

Possible time of launch:The HTC would probably introduce the new model in February/March 2016.

Processor: HTC is blaming the issues in Snapdragon 810 for the bad show by HTC One M9. So, we can expect to seeHTC One M10perhaps with a better Qualcomm processor, a speedy Snapdragon 820.

Storage: With the 4 GB RAM and the Smartphone users could select the storage from 64GB or 128 GB.

Battery: The new model would have improved battery of 3500MAh.

Screen: It is quite likely that HTC One M10 would have5in screen with 1920×1080 displays. But a report from China is indicating a big screen of 6in, which may also have Quad resolution.

Camera: Many issues in the camera of HTC One M9 were observed. Hence, this time camera would get a complete makeover. We can have 27 Mp back along with 5 Mp front camera. So, the users would get a chance to make some awesome clicks.

Body: An aluminum frame which would be waterproof is quite likely inHTC One M10.

Price: If we study the trend of the rise in the price, we can see a little increase 550 pound for HTC One M8 and 579 pound for HTC One M9.

So, this was about the probable features and specifications of HTC One M10. We hope you have drawn a picture about its likely features. For finding more keep visiting.

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