The Much Needed Mobile Development Skills Looked For by The Employer

Technology has seen rapid progress and evolved over the past few years. Now more and more consumers are accessing the internet from their smartphones which is becoming a crucial platform for the businesses to develop and an exclusive mobile strategy and generate exceptional mobile content. This has increased the opportunities for the role of a mobile developer in the job market. A mobile developer is expected to be aware of the nitty-gritty of the web application development and whet the prowess for a better career growth.

As smartphones have taken the world by a storm, mobile technology has become an integral part of the contemporary life. Hence, there is a growing demand for mobile app developers and this is one of the most opted careers now. iOS, Android, and Blackberry each have their distinct features and the apps or mobile sites need to be developed keeping the respective operating systems in mind. Hence, the employer seeks for adept professionals having knowledge of the environment for which the app needs to be developed.

With growing number of professionals flooding this industry, it is necessary for you to create that edge that will allow you to stand out from the rest and the recruiter will be able to spot you clearly. Therefore, given below are the five summed up skills that the employers seek to hire the right talent:

  1. Expert in cross-platform development and creating a responsive website: It is essential to be equally involved with and understand the fundamental facts and features of the different operating systems as a skilled developer will be expected to create an app that will run on the different environments. You have to showcase your versatility. A potential applicant having knowledge of all the OS and the ability to make the app functional in diverse platforms will be preferred by the employers. Having experience with the responsive site development is a huge plus point for a position that specializes in the development of the mobile websites. This stands in the high priority list for the recruiter.
  2. Specialized in UX/ UI designing: with so many apps doing its rounds in the mobile market, you need to develop one that is user-friendly, easy to use and has a unique look and feel that stands out from the rest. Users avoid complexities and too many things cluttered on a particular site so the content needs to be placed well. Hence, you need to be adept at User experience and User interface so that the app has a high probability of selling in the market.

If you already a qualified UX/ UI designer then it fetches you brownie points. If you want to acquire the skills then there are many online and offline courses available that you can rely on for your expertise.

  1. Fundamental knowhow of modern programming languages: This is the basic skills that employers will seek for in a mobile app developer. You should be familiar with the modern programming language like Java, PHP, HTML5, C3 and front end development skills along with Objective-C, Python and Adobe software to grab an opportunity in this job role.

Having knowledge of more than one of these languages will give you the competitive edge and you will have a good chance in the talent pool. Expertise in more operating system focused language like the Apple’s Xcode will increase your chances of hiring.

  1. Experience with Agile tools and techniques: You will be expected to be proficient in agile methodologies if you are applying for the job of a mobile developer. For a better understanding, agile is a cluster of software development tools and techniques that stands on a consistent flow of solutions developed through mutual sharing between self-organized and cross-functional operating teams. This is the most popular mobile development skill in the industry. So if you have a good conceptual knowledge in this then you hold a good chance of getting hired.
  2. A qualified computer science graduate or equivalent: While an academic degree is not a mandate, however, the market getting so much specialized it can be an additional factor increasing your chance of hiring. Many employers look for a computer science or technical background for this job role.

However, it is the on-job experience that counts most in this job role. If you have the experience and expertise to create an app and have already a good portfolio then that is enough to bag a job in this industry. You just need to convince your hiring manager that you have prolific knowledge and the passion for growing into a successful developer contributing to the organization’s success.

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