Why True iPad Capacity Is Different From Advertised Capacity?

If you would observe deeply then you will notice that actual iPad capacity is always less than advertised capacity. In this blog, we will figure out the actual reason why it happens so?

When 128 GB iPad is connected with iTuner, its actual capacity gets reduced to 114 GB only. Different people have different assumptions for the concept but we will tell you the actual reason Apple has formatted actual capacity different than advertised ones. Based on the actual capacity of device, you would be able to add music files, videos or images etc.

For iTuner –>> 128 GB = 114 GiB

You must be thinking why I have written GiB (gigibyte) instead of GB. Actually storage capacities are measure in different terms at different devices. Some measure storage space in binary form and other in decimal form. So there may come some variations in actual capacities when connected to multiple devices. You don’t have to get confused here as these are technical concepts that need deep understanding on storage format.

These are only the rumors as we are not aware with technical details in depth. If you will check carefully then one data is given in form of GB and other is given in the form of GiB. Both have different storage style but actual data stored inside is same. You don’t have to go into deep for technical reasons as it could be understand by developers only. But we make sure that leading iPad development Company i.e. Apple has not cheated on you.

Saying that, Apple has been cheated on you would be completely wrong. In actual both capacities are same but due to change in device, difference is visible. GiB (gigibyte) is binary version of GB. Apple has various devices that are available in varied storage capacities. And it is hard to predict here which device is actually right for you.

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For this purpose, you have to check the technical specifications in detail and decide on right device for best results always. If you are still confused then discuss with experts for fruitful decision. You should also check with your friends or relatives using the same device. In this way, you will get proper idea on right device as per your storage requirements.

Based on iPad app development team observation, you are well aware with actual storage requirement needed by you. If you love dance or music then you would surely be looking for larger space device that can accommodate more media files while others may opt for smaller storage space too. To know more on iPad concepts or to get best Apple device, contact iOS app development team right away.

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