Microsoft Band 2: Not Without Faults But Overall Good

Microsoft tried to fit in as much features as possible with their original band and ended up with an uncomfortable gadget. This time they have kept in mind their shortcomings and released the Microsoft Band 2. It is much more comfortable than the previous band and they have put great effort in making the software user-friendly. It is still not perfect but nonetheless a much better fitness band.

Simon Dyer, product reviewer at used the first Band product and has just reviewed the Band 2.Stating: “There’s a big improvement with the Band 2 but naturally that’s reflected in the price increase. Should you buy it you’ll get a decent fitness tracker but it’s definitely not to everyone’s tests. If you’re looking for a comprehensive set of sensors to track health data, the Band 2 is a winner. But if you want to control music or have something waterproof then you need to look elsewhere. Solid but not spectacular is my verdict.


This beautiful band has a curved AMOLED screen which is covered with Gorilla Glass 2. It is not as hefty as the previous band,in fact Microsoftmanaged to pack all their fitness sensors in a very small package this time.In their previous band there were two separate power cells on the contrasting ends of the wristband, but in this band the battery is in a single lump at the end of the strap. It can be used for two days with a single charge which is still not good. Other than this, the band is made of a dark gray elastometer. You might feel a little sweaty in the hot season but the design is still a lot better than the previous one. It is offering heart rate sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer, ambient light detector, UV and capacitive sensors, microphone, GPS, skin temperature monitor and a sensor that measures galvanic skin response. This time they are also offering barometer which measures elevation changes.


Microsoft has launched many updates since its launch for the original Microsoft Band, due to this there isn’t much difference in the software of both the bands. Quick Read flashes messages on the screen one word at a time which is also offered in the original band since February. With Windows 10, the Band also got the third-party app support. There are many fitness services that are offered by the Band which include MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, Stravaetc. With Microsoft Healthyou can easily take care of your calories burned, sleeping hours and steps taken. You would be more than happy to use the Band 2 like a smartwatch too as you can check your texts, emails, calls, Facebook messages and a lot of other things with it.


There are many fitness gadgets available in the market now. If you want a workout partner, then you might be interested in buying Fitbit Surge which is available for $250. Fitbit Surge costs the same as Band 2 but offers much less. If you are looking for something waterproof, then Gramin’s Vivoactive is perfect for you. It costs around $250 but it does not let you transfer the exercise data into other health devices. The Basis Peak works well with services like Apple Health and Google Fit. It lasts for almost 4 days with one charge. Although it does not provide as much features as the Band 2 but it is quite comfortable. You can purchase it from the market for $200.

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