Advantages Of Buying Office 365 For Geologists From Microsoft Csps

Microsoft’s Office 365 has established itself as one of the most popular cloud service in the market within just a few years of it being launched. It has been so widely accepted and implemented because it adds high level of efficiency to any business process. There are many factors that make it stand out from other cloud technologies:

  • Platform familiarity (MS Office)
  • Consistency
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency

Office 365 in the Cloud gives you all these benefits plus the advantages and efficiency offered by the Microsoft Office package. Geologists have a lot to gain from the implementation of Office 365 into your daily projects and processes. It can help you in getting total control over you data, reports and files, all in the same place and on your fingertips.

Office 365 – Making Life easier for Geologists

Geologists have to work from different geographies and at different times. The Office 365 cloud service can be your perfect partner that goes everywhere you go. Besides high level of efficiency, it offers you total flexibility with your work. You can store all your data on the cloud and allow access to all authorized team members. Store and communicate your:

  • Geological findings
  • Measurements of magnetic fields, gravity, and much more
  • Data on soil, rocks, abrasives, and diamonds
  • Data on identification of deposits of construction materials
  • Data on analysis and interpretation of geological, geophysical and geochemical form
  • Data like aerial photographs, survey information, boreholes, and well logs

When you implement Office 365, you can have all this data stored and accessed on your fingertips from any location.

Once you realize the benefits of this cloud based service and deicide to implement it, you will want to buy it from the right source. Buying directly from Microsoft is the first option for you. And buying Office 365 from a renowned Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) such as is the second option. So which one should you choose from?

Getting your Office 365 Cloud Service

It is mostly recommended to get your Office 365 service from a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP instead of directly from Microsoft. A Certified Service Provider is capable of offering a package that is perfectly designed to meet the particular needs of geologists. Make sure that you choose only the best CSP. They must have a good market reputation so that you get the best experience.

What does a Microsoft CSP have to Offer for Geologists

Apps4Rent is one of the most trusted Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, offering highly efficient Office 365 Cloud package. They have a high reputation and you should choose them for the following reasons:

  • High quality customer support services
  • End-user assistance available 24×7
  • Office 365 product bundling option designed for geologists
  • Full range of services
  • Complete support for adapting to the cloud package

On the other hand, Microsoft’s support services for Office 365 users have very less room for support with adapting. They have fixed format and schedule for contact for problem resolution. You can contact Microsoft only for a few critical issues via phone. So why choose a less flexible and less available support service from Microsoft when you can get the same product at same price from a reputed Tier 1 Microsoft CSP with all the support required for adapting to the cloud service.

Efficient Project Management Facilitation

Apps4Rent empowers your project management requirements with its special product bundling option. Geologists can have all their data stored at the same place, from where it can be accessed by all authorized team members. Besides, this option also provides comprehensive technical support as and when you need it. They provide Free Project Management Software like Project Online along with Office 365 for making it a breeze for project management. Your projects and processes will become even more efficient and coherent. Geologists can also get a free SharePoint website that further empowers their project management. This site is offered on another target site Even when you are on the field, you can share information, collaborate and communicate on this website with other geologists or other experts from any part of the world.

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