What The iPhone 7 May Come With?

Every time Apple gears up to release the new versions of iPhone, excitement and rumors start escalating everywhere! The upcoming iPhone 7 has already been the center of much geek buzz and media attention, months before its release. The recently released iPhone SE, successor to the old iPhone 5S have garnered mixed reactions upon release. The tech pundits have described the model as a derivative product and said it does not break any new ground in technological excellence- something Apple products are known for.

What The iPhone 7 May Come With?

The Rising Competition

In recent times, the rival brands have come up with smart phone with promising new features and technological innovations that have made waves in tech circles globally. The recent Samsung S7 Edge has been getting praises from all corners and the same can be said about LG G5. To overtake the growing competition in its segment, the iPhone 7 should have some groundbreaking new features.

Rumored and Possible New Features in iPhone 7

The internet rumor mills and tech circles are abuzz with speculations regarding new features in the upcoming iPhone 7. Given Apple’s hush-hush policy on upcoming products, these remain to be confirmed.

  • Camera– It is assumed that Apple will introduce a new and enhanced camera in the upcoming iPhone. It can be a dual lens camera according to Apple enthusiasts. The lens will also be equipped with image stabilization.

  • New wireless tech– It is predicted by tech experts that the upcoming iPhone 7 will have a new era wireless transmission technology embedded. The new tech is said to be 100 times faster for data transmission compared to prevalent Wi-Fi standard. The device will likely offer support for LiFi- which uses light for data transfer through air compared to radio waves. While conventional Wi-Fi has peak data transfer speed of 7 gigabits per second, LiFi will have a speed cap of 224 GBps. This will mean the iPhone users will be able to download a HD film in just a few seconds in future! However, LiFi is still in initial stages of development. It has drawback compared to Wi-Fi- it cannot travel through physical walls. Researchers are putting in efforts to make the technology more adaptable for companies like Apple.

  • Size– As expected, the iPhone 7 may be launched in two different screen sizes. There could be one smaller device with lower than 5 inch screen size along with another with 5.5 or even bigger screen size.

  • New CPU and software– This can be a sure shot new feature in the upcoming iPhone 7. To take on rivals with beefy hardware, Apple will equip the device with a revamped and powerful A10 chip in all probability. The device will also run a new OS, namely iOS 10. At the Worldwide Developer Conference of Apple, this software may be unveiled.

  • New display– Of late, the rivals running Android OS has been launched with cutting edge display and screen technology. Even mid-range devices sport scratch resistant glass and some of them are also dust and water resistant. On the other hand, Apple devices have drawn flak always for not being rugged enough. It is being assumed that the new iPhone will no longer sport a LCD screen. It is likely to be shipped with an OLED display. This will be a key departure from the company’s stagey for devices. Industry reports indicate Apple is reportedly in talks with the OLED display manufacturers.

  • Design– The design of the upcoming iPhone 7 may have some notable changes, as per industry experts. The device may sport a glass coating on both sides, like its rival Samsung Galaxy S series devices. It will definitely have a metal body inside. The device will be a little curvy in all likelihood.

Where it All Leads to

The upcoming Smartphone from Apple is likely to be unveiled by autumn or so, given its product release cycle. It remains to be seen how any of these features actually make into the final product. There could be few more surprise and unexpected additions too. However, a powerful CPU, new imaging technology and a software upgrade are more likely to be seen in the widely anticipated device. 

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