Microsoft Office 365: One-stop Shop For Email Compliance

More and more businesses are switching over to Microsoft Office 365 for the email. Here are the reasons why the Microsoft office 365 for business is the new choice of business owners.

Microsoft Office 365 is the your new all in one shop for email compliance. With new improvements in the app, you surely will be able to increase productivity.

Anytime, anywhere access

Office 365 for small business lets you access your email anytime and anywhere. Since it has automatic updates, your email, calendar and contacts are shared in your devices real time. So you won’t have to worry about the information not being up to date in any of your devices. The recent updates in the calendar as well letsyou see the schedule of your contacts, thus making it easy for you to schedule meetings or appointments. you also get the online versions of Office which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications. In case of device loss or damage, Office 365 will allow you to remove your data from the lost or damaged device remotely so unauthorized access is prevented.

New Look and Customizability

Now you can customize your email and include images. You can now send messages with up to 150MB content. Don’t worry about sending and storing big files anymore, Office 365 will take care of it for you with 50GB storage capacity for each user. Boost and advertise your brand by using your own domain name with your email accounts. Get your business featured every time you send an email. You can also work with other communication tools like Skype, and other social networking tools real time.

Stress-free Email

Ad-free inbox? You can definitely have it with office 365. Spend more time in communicating with business partners or employees. No need to manage your email account since Office 365 has an admin centre and built-in security that protects your email and all the data in it. With the admin centre you can restore deleted email accounts, create and set up new email users anywhere. And you can be sure that your data is protected with the industry’s leading anti-malware protection. Your email is guarded by anti-spam filtering as well to prevent e-mail threats.


With a wide-range of plans available in the market, you’ll definitely find a price that suits the business’ needs and budget. All the plans come with phone and online assistance, how-to resources, and fixes. You can be sure that the app is up and running always with its 99% reliability. Surely, you get the real value of what you are paying. Since it updates automatically, you won’t have to spend more for updating the app.

Take your business further with the new and enhanced Microsoft Office 365. The new edition of Office 365 has features that would surely boost up your business’ productivity, lessen costs and you get all the benefits of security, reliability and accessibility. Take that big leap and switch to Microsoft office 365.

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