Features, Facts and Benefits Of Using VOIP Services

Companies excel nowadays when it comes to effectual communication in each tiers of its operation. Whether in customer outsourcing and relationship, or in business transaction communication or thereabouts. Practically, the huge chunk of the benefits which played important role in making this aim a possibility can be attributed to the emergence of the VoIP technology which has been in existence for quite a number of years.

VoIP or Voice over Internet protocol is a technology that can be utilized by any establishment or private body, it is used for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over the IP (Internet protocol) networks. The internet is a good example of an IP network. Other terms that is often used in place of the VoIP telephony services are IP telephony, broadband, internet, and broadband phone service respectively.

VoIP’s emergence has helped in reducing the cost of telephonic conversation in most big organizations. Most especially those who invest and consume more voice services over local traditional phone services. Since the VoIP service providers pragmatically offer a subsidized and low cost services over its network, than a good number of the traditional phone companies; it’s deemed the better option. The only relative difference is that on some occasions, you may come to realize that it doesn’t offer services such as

  • Phone Directory listings
  • 411 services
  • 911 services and other common phone-related services.

Features, Facts and Benefits Of Using VOIP Services

Though, the possibilities are there that you may find sophisticated companies offering these above mentioned VoIP services, but nevertheless, the scope isn’t so wide as the industry is still far more under development.

An Illustrational example of how a typical VoIP network works

This below illustrated functions can as well be run into a cellular or table phone itself. (Kindly See: VoIP phones). Represented also in a separate box.

VoIP Optimizing the use of an ATA

Phone —- ATA —- Ethernet —- Router —- Internet —- VOIP Service Provider

VoIP Optimizing the use of an IP phone

IP Phone —– Ethernet —– Router —- Internet —- VOIP Service Provider

VoIP Optimizing in itself

Another exceptional feature is that you can directly bypass the VoIP services providers hence, connecting straight to another user. Nonetheless, if the VoIP devices are placed at the back of eh NAT routers, local connectivity issues may arise.

IP Phone —– Ethernet —– Router —- Internet —- Router —- Ethernet —- IP Phone


The most admired benefit of the VoIP service is the less cost of acquisition and management. Plus you will not be requested to spend a king’s ransom on installation of the same.

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