2016 Link Building Mistakes To Be Avoided

2016 Link Building Mistakes to be avoided

Link building is diversifying day by day, as it is used to be the simple one in the older days. Today, link building is harder to penetrate and engulfed with too many misconceptions due to the myths of the past. This is the reason every new person to the link building make these common mistakes. Link building is a very potential and valuable strategy. If you are looking to get started as a new comer then you should avoid these common errors.

Prefer Quantity Over Quality

A high quality link is far better than dozens of low quality links. But it is not easy to get those high quality links they are difficult to achieve, on the other hand, low quality links are very easy to achieve. Low quality link is a trap with least resistance; thinking up for quantity will make up for end in the quality.

High links are better than using SEO tools to boost the traffic; they offer marketing, branding and traffic as well. You can earn an algorithm penalty because of too many low quality links which then be very difficult to recover later.

Over Optimization

Over optimizing anchor text is necessary for link building but that was in the older times. Now, you may earn penalty through anchor text of your links which create an environment of unnaturalness. Make sure that your anchor text is natural and helpful. A well written and eye catching title is not only natural but it drives a good amount of traffic.

Prioritizing Link over Content

You should present high quality links. If you prefer links over contents then Google will suspect your link, you will get a risk of rejection by the publishers. Take your time to build a natural and material worthy content.


Make your link building strategy a differentiated one; that means relying on different resources will line up strong on site content. Randomness is difficult to acquire but you have to do it for real benefits of your link building campaign.

Brand is your Authority

Brand mentions are an important indicator of your site’s overall authority, both linked and non-linked. You should not ignore them at all.

Building Relationships

When you start hitting in link building, your relationships are going to mean everything. Having an opportunity with single publisher is not only a chance for you to build one link, but is a chance for you to build ongoing relationship, where you can continuously publish guest articles, earn traffic and add new audience to your site. Make everyone happy but relationship needs to be your priority.

Gauge your Standard

If you want continuous momentum in your link building campaign, you have to scale upward. You should keep on writing better content, building relationships, working with higher authorities and sources and building a higher quantity of links. To manage this is a bit tough job but it will take time for its growth process.  These mistakes range from mild to extreme, but are preventable. Adapt yourself to the changed circumstances and commit yourself to keep refining your strategy to mitigate your losses.

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