HTML To WordPress Conversion – Top 6 Advantages

Before WordPress – the content Management System was developed, websites were formed by a set of static HTML pages all having the same layout. Every page was hardcoded with different contents. Again at many occasions, scripts and styles were coded to the HTML framework, which made the loading process of the website slow due to thousands of same code on each page. So to solve the issues, many technically sound people came up with a better option to handle this problem and that paved way for HTML to WordPress conversion.

HTML To WordPress Conversion - Top 6 Advantages

As WordPress is a popular platform, switching from HTML will have its own benefits. The top 6 benefits are as follows:

Dynamic: The usual HTML websites come up with many pages which have static content as well as a plenty of hardcoded lines. An individual HTML page is a HTML file. Every page has the same layout to achieve the same look and together they form the website. So when there comes a need to update the website, then the particular page is opened and edited. So just imagine how things will turn out when you have to update the whole website? It is very much true that it is going to consume a lot of time, but that was what used to happen before CMS was introduced.

In today’s world, more and more business have realized the benefit of having a website of their own. Apart from helping you with marketing, it increases your chances to reach more people. WordPress is built in such a way that even the non-technical person can easily setup their website and manage the contents without having any basic knowledge of coding.

Open to search engines: You are given with a option to present your site on search engines when you are installing WordPress. This simply means that search engine crawlers are most welcome on your site and again, if you want to go with the SEO, there are a number of ways to optimize your site. One of such ways is making use of Permalink Settings that comes built-in with WordPress. Here along with categorization and tagging, you can make your URLs SEO-friendly. You can even choose the plugins from Google XML Sitemaps or Yoast and install them on WordPress to make your site more SEO friendly and index better on search engines. Moreover, make sure to optimize the codes in robots.txt and .htaccess files. As more number of people are using data enabled devices there is a need to make your website responsive too. 

Its cheap: WordPress platform is equally easy and appealing for you as well as front-end developers. Moreover, they come with up-to-date standards working in sync with latest technology that too for free. Again you have the complete control on the website, which can be easily customizable. 

Flexible and scalable: The WordPress basics not enough for you? Then you can make use of plugins at WordPress that are tried and tested and are highly customizable to make customization possible. Rather than going the old school way to redesign the website by changing individual HTML files, now you can just select a theme from the theme library. In case you want something original, then theme customization is also possible with the help of some plugins and widgets. This will help you to build up a website that meets all the standards of coding and development technology and yet looks unique. 

Outstanding community support: People who use WordPress, try to improve it as it is an open-source platform. The team at WordPress keeps on updating the platform from the contribution of the users. WordPress is a popular platform which was developed to have a well-architectured system to publish data. They always focus on user experience. The platform is search engine friendly too as the crawlers can easily go through it due to the presence of simple and clean codes.

Secure: No doubt the WordPress site is secure enough to stop any malicious attacks. Your system and the code is secure till you follow some strong security measures such as going for a web hosting company that is well-established and gives importance to security measures as well as by making use of strong passwords. 

From documentation to coding, WordPress is developed by and for the community. Everything is tried and tested here. No doubt static HTML pages are customizable, converting the HTML & PSD to WordPress is going to give you the same customization option as well as countless possibilities.  

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