What’s Fueling The Native Advertising Trend?

The beauty of native advertising is that it is not easily picked out from it’s surrounding content as an advert. It is a non-intrusive content promotion method that advertisers have adapted to connect with customers without being over the top or too “pushy”.

The predicted trends for the future of native technology are promising. It is believed that spending on native advertising in the UK will reach nearly £3 billion, at the end of this year. It is predicted to escalate to $21 billion globally in the year 2020.

Reasons that Will Fuel the Growth of Native Advertising

Wide Acceptance of Native Ads

In 2015, large publishers began testing the native advertising format and by all accounts it was a huge success. However, Native advertising in the programmatic space is a new concept, therefore there is still a lack of awareness for many publishers – as this is being addressed more inventory is becoming available and the quality of native placements is climbing ever higher.

Content Recommendation

You will find content recommendation widgets all across the internet. They work by using the user’s metadata to locate and recommend appealing content from its group of publishers.

In this way, publishers gain an additional channel for monetization and the marketers get to expose their brand message for a small price.

Publishers are concerned about applying content recommendation system because its success depends on the recommendation quality being high enough to avoid damaging a user’s experience.

Go Mobile

The way information is consumed from the internet has switched to mobile devices due to an exponential increase in smartphone usage in the last three to four years.

Google revealed that searches undertaken using mobile devices are now significantly more than desktops or tablets. This means mobile devices have surpassed tablets and desktops. Thus you can determine that mobile usage for shopping is a permanent trend, publishers and marketers now have to make their native strategies mobile first, or risk losing out to the competition.

Programmatic Native Ad

Programmatic native advertising is a blend of native content and programmatic display ads. In this way, branded content can be created in such a way that it engages with the target audience and sits with contextual relevancy and a physical appearance exactly the same as the publisher’s original articles. Using real-time data & technology, advertisers can deliver tailored ad messages directly to consumers.

Harnessing Visual Power

Visual power has been proved to be very effective over text, while reading content. Due to the fact that visual content is general more easily consumed, media companies heavily depend on visual mediums.

Spending on Native Advertising has Increased

Native ads have caused a revolution in the online publishing industry.  If current trends carry on, the spending on native advertising campaigns is expected to escalate to 74% of all ad revenue by 2021.


If done correctly, native ads are already the perfect solution for marketers frustrated with the diminishing returns of traditional display ad formats. Although most prominent in the US, Native Advertising in the UK is not far behind and the rapid expansion of native inventory on the big publishing players is already starting to turn the heads of some industry giants.

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