Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Fitbit Device

We constantly look for alternative ways to increase battery life of our favorite gadgets. Like most of the other devices, here are few tricks and tips to increase your Fitbit device’s battery life. It’s important to note that since each device is different, the ways to increase the battery life of the device also vary to a greater extent.

Tips To Get More from Your Fitbit Zip

Fitbit zip comes with the longest battery backup, if we compare it with other trackers. It is the only tracker having a replaceable and rechargeable battery at the same time. To get better battery life from your Fitbit zip, try to avoid checking your statistics too frequently. This is because tapping your zip again and again and reading statistics lead to more battery consumption.

Ways to Get More Battery Backup from Your Fitbit One

Fitbit one comes with an approximate battery life of 10 – 14 days. Charging the device fully takes about 1 – 2 hours’ time. Following are some tips to save battery:

  • Tap It Less Frequently

If you tap your device more frequently, more battery power will be used. Therefore, once you charge your device with your Fitbit charger, avoid tapping it too frequently.

  • Set Less Alarms

Active alarms will reduce the battery life of your device. Therefore, if you have the habit of setting multiple alarms, try avoiding that.

  • Turn Off All Time Sync

If you use your Fitbit device for tracking your data, avoid keeping all day sync on for the whole day. Keeping all-day sync off will save your device’s life to a greater extent.

Ways to Get More Battery from Your Fitbit Flex

Flex is one of the cheapest options for Fitbit wristbands. This device comes with a battery backup of about 5 days. Following are few tips to save battery:

  • Tap It Less Often

If you tap your device more often, lot of battery gets used. Therefore, avoid obsessively tapping your Flex and save its battery.

  • Set Fewer Alarms

Setting up lots of alarm in your Flex reduces its battery life. Therefore, make sure that you don’t set unnecessary alarms and go for only required ones.

  • Turn Off Sync

Keeping on your device’s auto synchronization uses lot of data. Therefore, if you want to save your device’s battery, try keeping all-day synchronization off.

Ways to Get More Battery from Your Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta comes with around battery backup of 6 days. There are few simple ways to save battery of your Fitbit Alta, which is listed below:

  • Tap Your Alta Less Frequently

After you tap your Alta, it scrolls through your statistics, thereby using more battery power. Therefore, avoid tapping it obsessively to save battery life.

  • Turn Off Quick View

Quick view awakes screen of your device if you flick your wrist. This can lead to unwanted activation of your device, thereby consuming more battery.


These are few simple tips to increase battery life of your Fitbit device. Follow these for good results.

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