The Consumer Electronic Brands That Top the Social Media List

Technology has been advancing exponentially over the last decade or so. Every week seems to uncover a new trend or innovation! Social networks are ideal places to identify these trends and understand what consumers are most interested in. From the launch of every new electronic product – whether it is criticized or immensely popular – social media provides a transparent and unfiltered voice on what consumers really think about brands.

As such, we can now see which consumer electronic brands are the most popular, which is strong indication of how that brand markets itself, how innovative its products really are, whether it has a strong brand reputation or not, or even whether it provides excellent customer service and therefore a positive customer experience.

The Brands with Biggest Audience Size


Samsung has managed to sell millions of products this last year, making it one of the most popular brands on the social media.

According to the Facebook electronics brand analysis, Samsung has managed to come under the most trending news and posts this year. It is working diligently to achieve a higher number of audiences and keep them engaged with further new amazing products and advancements.


Sony has been among top electronic brands in the decade. Sony products are consumer’s top choice and have been popular across the globe. The engagement score of Sony is quite higher than most of the famous electronic brands.


Sharp comes to the brands with the highest number of ratio of subscribers beating Lenovo and Nikon. It has ten times greater subscriber-to-participant ratio than the average ratio in the top 10 list. Sharp is a very popular electronic brand and has never failed to engage its audience.


Microsoft is no doubt one of the best electronic brands in the world. It has been a consistent performer in terms of audience engagement or popularity. Microsoft has gained almost 30% larger audiences than the average audience size listed in the top 10. With its new and promising technology, Microsoft continues to remain one of the most liked brands by people.


Among all its competitors, Nokia has the biggest participant-to-subscriber ratio. It has kept its audience quite engaged with the interesting new advancements and products. Being one of the oldest and most trustworthy electronic brands, Nokia has never failed its customers and continues to be one of the top sellers of the electronic market. If we look at the Twitter electronics brand analysis, Nokia has performed better than most of the top electronic brands.


Apple has the most iconic and trusted brand image in the market. This image has helped keep its loyal audience conversational and active with the brand. It is the electronic brand with an amazing number of active audience and subscribers. Its engagement score beats most of the top electronic brands with a big ratio.

Social media has been very helpful to build a platform to keep the masses active and engaged to their preferred electronic brand. In the coming years, we will see more advancements and a higher number of people coming active on the social networks. In this case, it is very important to identify, that which electronic brands influences the social platform more.

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