Pet Tech: Smart Pet Toys

Is previous decade toys for pets were pretty limited. They basically consisted of dozens of different versions of balls and stuffed mice. But with the rapid progression of technology we now have dozens of cool smart pet toys on the market. Here is just a small list of these smart devices.

DART : This pet tech device automatically rotates a laser light providing hours of fun for your cat and their canine friends. Place the smart device on the floor, turn it on, and watch them chase! The laser moves in a circle pattern jumping around and randomly switching directions. DART is perfect for pets who will spin in a circle to catch the laser. Four speeds and four timer settings offer sixteen exciting play combinations.

POUNCE :  From the same company that makes DART, comes another smart cat toy, POUNCE. This smart device is an automatic, rotating, hide-and-seek cat toy. It has an electronic mouse that zips around the circular path, zooming forward, reversing direction, hiding under obstacles, and occasionally twitching to and fro. The erratic and unpredictable movement stimulates your pet’s natural hunting instinct to chase after prey.

CHEESE : The same company, Petsafe, has yet another cool cat gadget out… CHEESE. This creative cat toy is in the form of a wedge of cheese and has a little mouse that randomly pops his head out of the holes at varying speeds, in essence playing peek-a-boo with your cat. This helps develop your cats speed reflex as well as intelligence as he strategizes how to get the mouse.

PLAYDATE : Playdate is the world’s first pet camera in a smart ball. It rolls around the floor in all different directions encouraging cats to chase it. And you control all the action right from your smart phone, moving left to right, forwards and backwards. And with the built in cam you get all the action of your pet chasing it on video. Playdate was just funded through Indiegogo and is expected to launch on the market soon.

SENSES 2.0 : This is a modern line of interactive pet tech toys by Catit. It includes several automatic pieces for cats to play with. One includes Circuit which is a winding racetrack through which Fireball races through. Another is Flower Fountain, which is an automatic pet water fountain. It includes other non-tech toys, but which are stuff still fun to play with though.

IFETCH : Don’t have time to flay fetch with your dog as much as you, or he, would like? Consider IFetch. IFetch is an automatic ball launcher which keeps dogs happy chasing balls for as long as they’d like. Your dog just places the ball in the shoot and this smart device automatically launches it out the front for them to fetch. Fetch is designed for small dogs, but if you have a large dog there’s Fetch Too. Fetch too uses tennis balls and can launch them at varying distances.

SHRU : SHRU is another cool pet tech toy similar to Playdate. It races around the floor enticing your cat to chase it. But instead of being controlled by your smart phone like Playdate, it instead automatically responds to your cat’s play by mimicking a small animals erratic movements and sounds. A feather can be placed in the back end of it for more enhanced play. SHRU can be turned on when you leave home to keep kitty entertained as it automatically turns on and off throughout the day until you turn it off.

CLEVERPET : Cleverpet is the world’s first dog game console. It has three button which light up offering your dog several different games to play, each providing him hours of entertainment as well as enhancing his memory and cognitive skills over time. Clever pet is equipped with a food compartment as well, which can be filled with food or treats to reward your dog when gets the right answers to the games. So the next time you’re out shopping for a new fun toy for your pet, consider one of the many new pet tech options out there.

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