Best Free Tracking App For Android Users

Best Free Tracking App For Android Users

Tracking someone for security purposes don’t have to be expensive. For Android phones, you can still get quality at a cheap price.

Android tracking software is used when you want to keep informed of someone else’s current location. It can be because you are a parent who worries about your child’s safety or a business owner who wants to have a constant update of your worker’s productivity. Sometimes though, spy app for android undetectable by the target person comes with a high price. But you don’t have to give to impressive press releases. There is still good tracking software for a cheap price.

mSpy, the leading tracking software in the market today, presents its choice of the best free android tracking app.

What’s the best free android tracking app? 

There are actually a number of free android tracker apps in Google Play store and on other platforms. However, not all of them offer the same level of service as Cell Tracker.

Cell Tracker is an app developed by ShreeK. It does not require GPS and is completely free. How does it get the location of the target phone? It uses information gathered within the app itself. However, the target phone needs to have the app installed before you can fully track its previous locations. Then, when they’re back, you can borrow their phone and check their cell track.

How to use this spy app?

Using Cell Tracker is easy. Just go to Google Play, search for the app, and install it. Then, enable the check box permitting the app to track the device. When you do so, the app will be able to collect location information every half an hour.

If you want to view the places the target person has visited within the day, you can click View Now and you’ll be directed to Google map even without the wifi or GPS on. You can also export the tracks to your phone via E-mail.

This app is great for parents, employers, and spouses who wish to get updates of another person’s location history with their permission.

What are your other options?

mSpy, a global leader in monitoring software, provides a safe, secure, and convenient way to track anyone’s phone. It uses GPS tracker so you can spy on their current location in real time. But it’s not limited to that. You can also track the previous routes they’ve previously travelled to and which place they frequently visit. While you need to pay and subscribe to this awesome software, you can get a free trial for it. If you register at mSpy’s website, you can enjoy the risk-free chance to use its features. But subscribing to it comes with the least price, too. So, you might as well enjoy the software to the fullest!

Other free android tracking apps include monitor call, SMS location, and children tracker.

You can enjoy free android app anytime you want. However, if you’re looking for quality service, it’s better if you purchase software that’s reliable and secure—something worth your money, like mSpy.

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