TOP 3 Mobile Trends In 2017

What do we know about future smartphone models? They will definitely feature a monolithic display with minimum or no bezels. Moreover, they will become very productive, functional and beautiful. Smartphones will be able to send us into virtual reality and control all the smart things in our house.

Does it sound like a distant future? Not really, because many of these things should appear soon.
However, since such futuristic smartphones did not come out yet, you could still have plenty of fun with current phones like Nokia Lumia 1320. Feel free to check out used Nokia Lumia 1320 prices online.

Dual camera will become the trend of flagship smartphones

One of the most successful innovations is the dual camera. If earlier it was only a few manufacturers that were ready to experiment and install such a camera module, now Apple, Lenovo, Xiaomi and many other big companies are introducing this feature. What’s more, in 2017 such a heavyweight as Sony will also introduce an Xperia model that has a dual camera on the back.

The main advantage of this technology is the previously unattainable image quality, which is achieved through combining two images made with different shooting settings into one. Much in this matter depends on the software. However, the progress is staggering: image processing algorithms are improving, the computing power of smartphones is growing and so on.

Smartphones with a completely frameless design

To create such a miracle, engineers have to solve unprecedented problems. For example, how to deliver sound through the display glass but not through the speaker. It is hard to believe, but they did it. A good example would be the new Galaxy S8 which does not have pretty much any bezels in the lower and the upper parts of its body. Morever, Huawei has announced prototypes with a display that occupies 92% of the front panel. On the internet, there is a concept of the upcoming iPhone 8 featuring a bezel-free design too.

Smartphones with a flexible screen

How to make the display area of the smartphone even bigger without increasing the body size? For several years, we have seen the emergence of concepts that address differently this question. LG and Samsung are the most advanced players in this field. They have already presented the concepts of 5-inch smartphones that can transform into 8-inch tablets. However, other big manufacturers are actively patenting their inventions as well.
As for more attractive flexible solutions, the Samsung Company has already presented a very interesting concept at the SID-2016 exhibition. It was a display that can be folded into a tube 2 cm in diameter. At the same time, its other characteristics are quite impressive: a 5.7-inch diagonal with the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels coupled with an OLED matrix. When unfolded, the thickness of the sample is only 0.3 mm with a weight of 5 g. Now we just need to wait for the final product, which should come out soon.

So as you can tell, we are about to see some really cool smartphones soon. And speaking of cool smartphones, we suggest you take a look at some HTC Desire prices as this smartphone is a great choice today.

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