Jam Packed With Technology Smartphones!

Acceptance and adaptability of technology has increased in excessive extent in Pakistan over the period of 5 years. And the technology boom can be easily observed in the country if you take a moment to notice, majority of the people are using smartphones, free Wi-Fi hotspots are being offered by the government, newest and latest smartphones are releasing, mobile apps are in use to book a ride to move you around the city-all of this is a sure sign that we have approved the technology at every level.Jam Packed With Technology Smartphones!

And for the reason Pakistan now possess the title of one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Therefore the future of smartphones seems to be pretty shiny in here. Easy and simplified access of mobile phones not only increased the usability but created a wide market for the retail and e-tail giants to crawl in. Smartphones are everywhere and they are main source to get to the potential customers via catchy apps. They give a way forward to almost every budding business online. Smartphone generations compliance is way friendlier therefore Pakistan has become the hottest destination for the global hulks to enter. In this matter huge credit goes to the telecommunication companies for introducing 3G and 4G right on time which totally hit the spot and nailed it. Hence smartphone advent is expected to outgrow exponentially in the coming years.

Average cost of mobile phone in Pakistan is around $45 which is approximately Rs.5000. this rough estimate explains a lot. We have an annual phone market of about $840 million keeping in view the previous year’s imports as well. If we look at the 2015 stats 25 million subscribers were present in Pakistan and the users of smartphones held an exceptionally percentage of approximately 31% among all mobile shipments. Back in 2013 this figure was up to 13% and there is no doubt that by 2017 the figure must have swelled by twofold. Consequently it is safe to predict that Pakistan at present own a huge market for smartphones.Jam Packed With Technology Smartphones!

Let’s talk about the brands-more and more companies are joining the race while new technologies are sprouting up and surprising us every day and that are surfacing new trends. Last year Q-mobile made a hit and became the talk of the town in fact the whole country. Pakistanis loved it because you can get a smartphone with latest specifications and apps in much less price than one have to pay for bigger brands like apple or Samsung. Therefore in 2016 Q-mobile took 50% of all shares which is huge success for them.  Huawei also held the ground firmly and grips 25% of the market. It’s a Chinese smartphone maker who surprisingly managed to gain ground in the presence Samsung and apple.

Interestingly Oppo has made phenomenal success in few months of time; initially it wasn’t that good but with the strong strategy of introducing HSY the renowned Pakistani fashion designer as the new face of the Oppo made it way up.

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