5 Misconceptions Small Businesses Should Clear Regarding The Use Of Mobile Apps

The trend of opting digital mediums for customer interaction and engagement is getting intense with each passing year with the use of mobile app leading the line. Today iOS and Android apps are ruling the world all due to the convenient use and other plethora of benefits they provide to a global customer base. Still there are a number of businesses out there not willing to accept the shift in the digital marketing industry.So what are the misconceptions that hold back several companies in employing the use of mobile apps in their operational procedures and other business related aspects?

  1. Complex use

Acquiring mobile apps for business use is not as easy as it sounds and requires companies to hire top developers to create an app that perfectly suites their custom needs. However, businesses need to understand and accept the fact that new tools and features have made the app development relatively simpler. Now a developer having sound programming and coding knowledge is able to develop a decent mobile app.

  1. Irrelevancy

Some businesses feel content with the quality of customer interaction and engagement they are providing, hence the need to use mobile apps feel somewhat irrelevant.For them the investment of time and capital in mobile app development is to disturb already efficient and aligned processes and believe the new medium for advertising would not bring any additional revenue and customer to them. In fact, not acquiring a top-notch app for the betterment of any business aspect is a mighty indicator a considerable portion of revenue is passing unnoticed.

  1. Being content with the existing social media presence

Businesses especially startups mistakenly believes that having thick figures in fan following on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. is going good for their business. However, the thought is not always easily measurable. For instance, many businesses are unaware of the fact that Facebook filters the posts of companies and their pages making the user see only a small portion of their total posts in their news feed.While the case with Twitter is further difficult, as the tremendous amount of posts each day makes it difficult even for social media addicts to view all of them. As a consequence, there is a high probability yourlatest offers and discount packages might not catch the eye of your audience as you would have initially thought. In contrast to this concern, the push notifications generated in a mobile app will appear directly on the screen of your smartphone that calls for easy recognition and visibility of the respective brand.

  1. Inadequate functionality

Another major misconception cemented in the minds of many businesses is the lack of information or a unique functionality in any mobile app. In reality, the state-of-the-art features and customized functionality of a mobile app will keep you connected to the brand or company at all times, regardless of the industry. For example, several options allow you to send personalized messages to your audience based on their interests and requirements, answer their queries and concerns with the right solutions, and allows them to earn loyalty rewards and other incentive all at their fingertips in no time.

  1. Time wastage

One of the major purposes of using an app development company in UAE or other corporate hubs in the world is to save time in your organizational processes. A highly functional and customized app is developed with the intention to save your valuable time. Let it be any minor job such as updating the CMS or attendance reports, or something as big as ordering a new inventory for the next quarter, a well-developed app will handle all the operational procedures in an efficient manner. Take a restaurant for instance, where reserving a table at any hour through the restaurant’s mobile app is much easier and quicker than being on the call and waiting for the receptionist to check the availability and book you a slot.

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