How Much Does Good Cyber Security Cost and What Are the Benefits You Get Out of It?

The costs for quality cyber security will obviously vary depending on the size of the company and the number of users. One article recently published on Bloomberg determined the average cost for a company with 50 employees was $57,600. This estimate included a secure email hosting service, antivirus software, online backup, a secure phone system, and an outsourced IT labor department.

When one considers the recent uptick in both the number and viciousness of cyber-attacks such as phishing scams and the recent ransomware attack, WannaCry, which crushed many companies all over the world, the benefits of avoiding these attacks seem to far outweigh the costs. Since there are no signs of these attacks ending anytime soon – in fact they are becoming their own type of business – having good cyber security is just one of the necessary costs of doing business in the world today.

Some of the greatest benefits of having a cyber security plan are knowing the steps that are occurring with your systems on a regular basis. Instead of saying “Yea, we have antivirus, I think” you will be able to explain to customers, a board, or to investors exactly what is in place, and how and when it is serviced. These security plans include all of the information needed to be able to manage the process, which can give you back some control over your data if you do end up outsourcing IT services. Just having a strong understanding of what is happening with your systems is powerful.

When you consider which agency you want to work with to develop your cyber security plan, there are a few things to consider. Find out how long they have been in service. Companies who have been around a while have experienced cyber-attacks. They will be poised and prepared if and when they experience the next one. Companies like Prosyn in London and the South East know what to expect and work hard at prevention.

Some other benefits of a cyber security plan are:

  • Ability to keep out unwelcome users from your network, computers, and mobile systems
  • Better management of information technology and business practices as a whole
  • Increased stakeholder confidence in your management and plans for prevention
  • Quality company credentials when security plans are implemented
  • Disaster recovery plans that operate smoothly when the need for implementation arises

One of the highest levels of security that can currently be achieved is the information security management system standard, ISO/IEC 27001.  ISO/IEC 27001 helps businesses amass the correct team members, procedures, actions and expertise to guard systems and data from attack, theft, and devastation. Certifying to this standard will send a clear message to clients and stakeholders that your cyber security plan is the best available. This can result in increased investments, purchases, clients, and recognition. Take the steps you need to take today to avoid a detrimental attack to the backbone of your business. Protect your technology and ensure your healthy business can thrive in spite of cyber attacks.

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