How a Mobile App Can Revolutionise your Business Safety Procedure

All major businesses must have certain emergency plans prepared, which are implemented in the case of a fire or serious accident, and while all companies will have something in place, it does take up a considerable amount of valuable resources, and isn’t as effective as it could be. One of the main tasks when there is an emergency is to inform all staff members, and this should be done as soon as possible. Managers call foremen and they attempt to inform everyone on the shop floor, but invariably, there are people in the washrooms, and some workers operate outside and would not hear a PA message. So, how does one ensure that all staff members are instantly notified during an emergency? The answer is a mobile app that is designed specifically to alert staff when an emergency situation occurs.

Mobile App Development

This is the fastest growing sector of digital technology, and with more than 2 billion smartphones in use today, it is likely that all your employees have a mobile device, and once they have downloaded the app, it will run silently in the background, and in the unlikely event an emergency situation arises, everyone will be informed at the touch of a screen. A market leader in this technology is the EVA emergency workplace safety app, and with a highly skilled team of developers, the app will be tailored to perfectly suit your business.

How a Mobile App Can Revolutionise your Business Safety Procedure

Independent Emergency System

A mobile app can be exclusively for dealing with an emergency situation and can run independently, and if you have another plan in operation that can either be left to run as normal, or it can be integrated into the mobile app, which will free up valuable resources. It makes sense to incorporate all your essential safety data into the app, and with professional developers at hand, this can easily be achieved.

Instant Information

One of the most difficult parts of implementing an emergency plan is to inform everyone, and with the right message on all of your employee’s smartphones, you have already achieved your objective, and if the app is designed correctly, the staff would also have access to emergency plans and the locations of emergency exits, which is an emergency implementation plan in itself.

Cost Effective and Reliable

Once the app has been designed and built, all staff members can download it for free, and from that moment on, your emergency safety plan is instantly available to everyone. Of course, the app can be altered or added to at any time, and once it is in place, you can forget about this and focus on other, more productive aspects of the business.

There are many professional companies that develop mobile apps, and if you can source one that specialises in emergency response apps, they can sit down and discuss your requirements, and before very long, your company will have an extremely efficient system to warn employees of any emergency situation.

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