GWC Valves Process

GWC Valves is a company that produces flow control products for any type of large manufacturer. More specifically, the company designs and produces any and every type of valve. The first part of GWC Valves’ process is to design the valves. For the most part, the company has their design templates in their machinery however, they do take custom measurements sometimes. Additionally, their team is constantly working to improve the quality of their products as well as come up with innovative new flow control products. Their engineers are in Milan, Italy. That is where the products are invented, produced, and manufactured.

Then, they need to be shipped to GWC Valves’ Bakersfield, California office. There, the company distributes their valves. That is for North America. If clients are in Asia and Europe, the company will ship directly from their Milan location. It does not make sense to ship across the world to then, ship back across the world. The most complex part of their process though is tracking the valves once they are distributed and tracking their performance once they are installed. It should be a part of every company’s process to track the performance of their products and services. As for GWC, they often send representatives to consult local companies that use their products and even some nationally and internationally. More often than not, the company will call clients from their customer service center and follow up with them. It is only right to do so.

The following steps in GWC Valve’s process include inventory, accounting, marketing, customer service, and even follow-up service as mentioned above. Although all the science or research and design happens at their Italy headquarters, the process never stops. They have to remain efficient and innovative even in their corporate offices. For more information about GWC Valves and their process, visit the link provided above. The company is among few in North America and Italy that understand the process of a company and execute it to perfection.

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