SEO Health Check For Your Homepage – Important Things To Look For

An SEO health check is basically an audit that is done to ensure that everything is working. SEO in itself can be a capital intensive investment and the last thing you want as a company is to spend so much money and get nothing in return due to a few simple errors on your homepage. This is why proper SEO health check especially on the Homepage is very crucial. But what are some of the things will you be looking for as you do an SEO audit of the homepage? Well, to be honest there are so many things but we will share just a few important ones that you can’t afford to miss. Here they are:

Check the Title Tag

The title tag is perhaps the most important thing in SEO. Ideally, what you want is to make sure your title tags on the homepage matches what searchers would be searching. It could be the name of your business, the name of the business plus the location, or even the business category plus the location. In any case, the Title Tag will determine how easy it will be for potential clients to find you in organic searches and as such, it must be done correctly.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile search traffic is becoming an important part of digital marketing and as such, many businesses are investing a lot of time in making their sites mobile friendly. You have to test your site for mobile friendliness. This is one of those things you can’t afford to mess with. Search traffic coming from mobile phones has already surpassed PC traffic and this can only mean that a majority of your target audience will likely access your homepage through their mobile phones. It needs to be mobile optimized or you will lose out.

All Links Should Be Working

The Homepage is sometimes viewed as the door that visitors will use to explore the entire website. When a visitor is on the homepage, he or she should be able to access other pages easily. In light of this, as part of your SEO health check you need to make sure that links on the homepage are working so that if a visitor clicks something, they are redirected appropriately to the page they want. Broken links can affect the user experience in any website.

Loading Speed

How long does it take for your home page to load? This is a big deal not just for users coming to your site but also for search engine rankings. Website loading speed is a factor that search engines use to rank websites and the faster the homepage loads the better. In addition to this, you don’t really want to keep your site visitors waiting for the page to load, it can be irritating. Test the loading speed of your homepage and ensure its good enough.

The SEO health check is an important audit that helps to optimize results in search engine marketing. It should also be done as regularly as possible.

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