You Have An Enterprise? Resort to MS Dynamics AX – Infographics

You Have An Enterprise Resort to MS Dynamics AX - Infographics

There is no substitute to proper planning when you are looking for sure sought success.  This is the reason modern enterprises try to strategize first before taking any new initiative. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a set of tools which help entrepreneurs integrate their business in administration, finance, supply chain management, sales and marketing. It also enables automation of repetitive office functions; putting human resources to better use.

MS Dynamics AX is one such ERP solution from Microsoft. Let us check out what this software provides better than the other ERP tools available in the market.

1. Familiar environment – This ERP solution from Microsoft is almost similar to Microsoft office and other MS products both in looks and work. This means when you implement this ERP solution, employees can easily relate to it. As it is a known fact, people are often resistant to change, a familiar work setup helps to get more support from the team. They find it easy to learn and use.

2. Strong Relationships- MS Dynamics AX not only integrates your business but also your relationship with your employees and customers. As MS Dynamics AX ensures same information across all staff and departments, customer always gets the right and same information which makes them satisfied. As MS Dynamics AX keeps payroll data, profile details intact and provides employee engagement benefits at the right time without any error; your staff are more than happy to work for you for years to come.

3. Flexible Solutions- What is going to be the future demands for your products? Is this the right time for acquisition? MS Dynamics AX gives you reliable information regarding whether you should increase production or decrease the same. When is the right time for mergers, product launches and acquisitions? The Role Tailored user experience capability of MS Dynamics AX helps you get valuable insights. Moreover, Microsoft has provided in-built and country specific regulation requirement for 396 countries in which MS Dynamics AX has been released. So entrepreneurs need not worry about the legal issues as this ERP solution makes sure that it is compliant with the IT regulations of the country.

4. Customised Product- MS Dynamics AX is a task based ERP solution and Microsoft does not limit the thinking potential of your employees. You or your employees with administrative access can add or eliminate tasks which are not required in your operations for product processing. Tasks based on individual preferences can be also added which means better user involvement and more amount of innovation in your business.

An important fact that you must keep in mind while choosing an ERP solution is the content of the package. For example, the MS Dynamics AX provides a complete package of ERP solutions for all business functions of your organisation. It includes

  • Warehouse Management- Automates warehouse management and thus reduces operational costs.
  • Transportation Management- Sitting at one centre transport managers can track and plan the transportation requirements of the employees from around the world.
  • Budget Planning- Provides ready-made templates for budget planning where users just need to enter the earnings and cost of the products or services.
  • Modern Point of Sale (POS) – Ranks customers is per their purchase history. Permits real time inventory look-up and seamless back office management.
  • Demand Forecasting- Generates accurate forecast results regarding product demand and hence helps in proper inventory management.
  • Human Resources- Performs payroll analytics, keeps track of attrition and also ensures regular benefit updates to employees.
  • Master Data Management- Ensure error free and consistent data to all the department across the organisation.
  • E-commerce and Social Media- Assists in campaigning and acting as an interactive interface to customers through Facebook, Pininterest and Twitter.

Last but not the least; Microsoft offers you flexible service plans to cater to your unique business needs. The business plans of Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Company are framed keeping in mind the location in which it will be used and hence were compliant to local IT rules and regulations.

So if you want to improve the way your business runs you must resort to MS Dynamics AX. As it is running on the common environment, you will witness easy implementation and better use of the product by most of the employees in the company.

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You Have An Enterprise? Resort to MS Dynamics AX - Infographics

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