Self Care And Your Lair

Self Care And Your Lair

Handy is an online based business that employs thousands of workers (or handymen, if you’d like) who come to you in your time of need, and the time slot you’ve pre-selected online. Their services include plumbers, cleaners, people who will paint your walls for you, and electricians. Cleaners are the focus of today’s article – you invest in self care for your body, yet often neglect self care for your mind. By using a cleaner who will periodically come and tidy your place up, ensuring that your tub is scrubbed clean and your blinds are dusted, you’re engaging in a form of self care that will please the nagging voice in your head that is constantly telling your tired body to clean up.

Cleaning up your kitchen after every meal is often hurried and done half-heartedly, which is OK. Hey, at least you cooked some vegetables today! Cleaning the bathroom counter after every night out often involves leaving trace amounts of makeup for you to groan about the next day. We get it – you’re busy enjoying life, as you should be. However cleanliness is a sign of good hygiene and can affect our health. That’s why hiring someone to come in and meticulously clean every inch of your home is a good compliment to your daily clean up routine.

Handy makes hiring someone, to come give your place a little extra love, a breeze. You can do everything online, from booking to paying and reviewing. While browsing apps on your phone, simply open the app and book a time, finding out right away the estimated time and cost of the work. Right away you’ll have peace of mind because you can plan your life around the cleaning schedule, and you’ll know that you’re getting a great deal. You can also check reviews from people in your neighbourhood who have come before you, and experienced the bliss of using a professional cleaner. Finding a company that understands how I prefer to book stuff (without talking to an actual human) is awesome, and finding out that they also have impeccable service is a game changer.

Seamlessly sliding into your life and improving it, the team from Handy is the perfect addition to your life. Living in a home where you feel comfortable and satisfied with the level of cleanliness improves your emotional and physical well-being (when you’re not constantly avoiding haphazardly strewn objects on the floor). So check them out, and before you know you’ll be seeing gleaming surfaces in every room without any sweat shed.

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