Review Of Colorado Technical University Online

Review Of Colorado Technical University Online

Have you thought about taking courses online to earn your degree, but are too skeptic about the validity of the program? Well, here is one school which has surpassed my expectations for obtaining my Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice. Colorado Technical University Online has one of the best programs and best of all everything is done from the comfort of your own home.

When I first started to get serious about my education and future, I was a recent Army veteran, married to a soldier, and had a seventh month old daughter with number two on the way. I knew I needed to pursue my education, but I also needed the flexibility to take on all of my other roles besides being a student. This is when I began exploring the possibility of obtaining my degree online. I found multitudes of universities offering various degree programs, but some seemed pricy while others lacked curriculum and experience. Finally, I decided CTU Online had the best program which offered me the most.

It started out with my filling out a form (online) with my contact information and degree path interest. Within 24 hours, I received a phone call from one of the admissions advisors who was more than happy to answer every question. The biggest concern I had was with accreditation. When the admissions advisor told me CTU held the same accreditation as Ivy League schools, I knew this was the right school for me. After giving the admissions advisor some more information about why I wanted to pursue my degree online and what motivates me, I was asked to fill out the application. I was astounded at the rate in which my application was reviewed and within a few days I received a phone call informing me I was accepted into their program.

The criminal justice program at CTU Online prides itself with highly qualified faculty. All of the instructors have work experience in the criminal justice field, as well as at least a Master’s Degree. The instructors provided the most rounded courses anyone could imagine. In addition to the instructors, the course curriculum is outstanding. The courses are formed around real world situations and require the student to think “outside the box” to come to a conclusion. There are no tests, but in every course there is a group project which is worth about 20% of the course grade. All of the assignments are comprised of discussion board postings and either Word documents or PowerPoint presentations.

Since this program is conducted 100% online, you may be curious as to how lectures are conducted. I was a little skeptical myself. The lectures are conducted via live chat, with the instructor talking into a microphone over the internet, while students communicate thoughts by typing into the chat forum. The lectures are not mandatory, but are extremely beneficial. The instructors often cover upcoming assignments and give additional resources on the subjects, as well as opening a forum to ask any other questions or concern. These lectures are archived for later viewing if schedule conflicts occur.

The criminal justice program consists of several courses to include: investigating crime; American criminal procedure; forensic behavior analysis; crime scene analysis; white collar crime; criminal thinking; criminal law today; and juveniles and the courts. Of courses, the previous mentioned courses are only a few of the required courses, but they were some of my favorite courses. Each of these courses is taught by instructors who have specialized in the subject content in their career which is an added benefit.

In addition to completing the degree requirements, there are four additional certificates which are earned throughout the program. These certificates will enhance the resume and often help students obtain employment in the criminal justice field while still attending school. The certificates which are earned through this program are: Corrections Technician; Law Enforcement Skills; Crime Scene Technician; and Legal Studies and Court Processes. Each certificate is earned when the four courses required for the certificate are completed.

In addition to being able to complete a degree program online, CTU offers some added benefits to making the education experience positive. There is a virtual commons which allows students to communicate with each other. In the virtual commons there are several clubs from criminal justice to parenting to sports. There is an online campus store where students may purchase shirts, hats, and other school gear. There are several learning labs which allow students to learn more about certain subjects. Some of the labs include a math lab and English lab. Also, online is library which provides students with resources by subject.

Some of the other benefits of attending CTU Online include: career services, unchanging tuition rates, financial aid office, and bookstore. The career services provide resume writing help and job searching tools. In this section of the virtual campus there is a tool which shows the student the type of jobs she or he may obtain once completing the degree program. The unchanging tuition rates are a great thing for students on a budget. The tuition rate is determined by the number of credit hours the student takes per session and stays the same throughout the program. The bookstore is probably one of the best things about this campus. Students do not have the added responsibility for ordering or buying books because all book fees are worked into the tuition. All books are shipped by the bookstore in advanced and automatic. The bookstore generally makes sure books arrive at least five days prior to the courses start date.

This is an accelerated program and may not be for everyone. Most students complete their studies within 2 years while some finish in 15 months depending on prior education and/or military experience. If you are up for a challenge, give CTU Online a try. Visit their website at or call 1-800-416-8904 to request more information on the BSCJ program.

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