Why Everyone Loves Stan Cottrell!

Stan Cottrell is a great person who ran ‘Friendship Runs’ in different countries to serve the people who need help. He inspired a lot of people and gave them hope to live a joyful life. Stan is not just a world distance runner, who ran for the welfare of the people, but he is even a motivational speaker, successful businessman, humble human being, and a goodwill ambassador. His commendable personality motivates millions and millions of people who want to pursue their dreams but find it impossible to make it real.

Cottrell is a successful athlete, who ran from New York to San Francisco in just forty-eight days. It was 5 days less in comparison to the initial record holder. He set a new record in Guinness book of the world. Stan ran across Europe in just eighty days. He ran across thirty-eight countries and covered distance, which can be assumed as taking 8 rounds of the earth.

During the Great Global Friendship run, Stan ran in multiple countries. He explored new cultures and places. He developed a beautiful relation with the people coming from the established family or poor villages. He welcomed everyone whether they come from the byways or the highways. Cottrell has a huge contribution in charity works, he raised funds for the orphans and the poor children who call for help. Stan is a commendable human being, who put all possible efforts for converting the dream of the people into something real. He is just like a ray of hope for the sufferers. The unique qualities of Stan Cottrell made him different from other human beings. People love him because of his unique qualities. He is capable of attracting huge audiences because of the numerous achievements and hard work behind it.


According to Stan Cottrell, failure shouldn’t be the option if someone has thought of completing a mission. Cottrell has received numerous awards, several and several initiatives have been passed in his regard. The ultra-distance runner has even appeared on famous radio and TV shows. He gave lectures and speeches in multiple events. The personality of Stan motivates a lot as all his doings are only for the sake of the people. Those who want to follow this Goodwill Ambassador, they should start doing things that support humanity.

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