Buy The Prettiest Anarkali Suits This Eid

With the passing of Holy month of Ramadan, Muslims around the globe are geared up for the celebration of Eid. A mood of festivity has already started fostering the women around, we all look forward to look our best. When shopping for Ramadan, women always follow the latest colors, designs and trend. Long gone are those days when you had to get dressed, go out and roam the markets to quench your fashion thirst. Now, you get the option to fulfil all your desires with Eid dresses online. With the ease of one click, you can shop what you want. It’s true that our celebrities have always influenced us with the fashion trends. This Eid, buy anarkali suits like your favourite icon and look forward to look like a diva.

Which anarkali suit suits me? What colour should I choose? How to buy the right anarkali suits that intact the untouched modernity and modesty? Below mentioned are few tips that you can consider :-

Go Green

If you have a question, which color will suit the most on your first Eid. Answer to this concern is green. Green symbolizes freshness, harmony, nature, energy and renewal. People around you will surely appreciate. Buy an elegant anarkali suit in green shade . You have numerous options to choose from green shade such as teal, emerald, ocean green, grass green and more. Pair it up with matching jewellery and you are ready to woe your in-laws.

Powdery ballet pink

Powdery ballet colour is so versatile and can be easily paired with any other color. From long wear anarkalis to the princess -worthy cape cut anarkalis, this nude -toned blush color is all over the place on the major runways.

Princess blue

Blue defines calmness, confidence, and luxury. It is used in voluminous and luxurious outfits made of organza that are mostly used for layered anarkali suits. Team it up with kundan jewellery that can really make you stand out. This stands out among the Eid dresses online.

Living Coral

The bright coral sits perfectly between pink and orange. It brings in visual about tropical vacations, pretty flowers and fruity drinks. It adds vibrancy and holds you ahead in the crowd.

Pink Peacock

This is an intense magenta color that cannot be ignored this season. It is one of the striking shade and can be mixed with neutrals. If you are one, who is daring opt for this color and be the ruler of your D-day.

Light Lavender

Lavender is another option for women, who like pastel shades and love to dress themselves simple. Even though the color is simple but it can really speak aloud of its grace and elegance. Team it with silver lining jewellery, rest the eyes of beholder would speak out.

Ooze with off-white anarkali

As Eid falls in the middle of summer season, choosing white color is the better option. It beats the summer hue and can equally add elegance. Buy an anarkali suit with chikankari or lacework. The minimalistic look that it offers can be enhanced with dark-colored lipstick.


This Eid, embrace yourself with the ravishing appearance. Buy an anarkali suit that will never fail to flatter you. These versatile oh -so girly pieces will give you glam look in no mean time. Your friend and family wont be tired of appreciating your beauty. Have a blessed Eid with full colors around you. Keep exploring Eid dresses online till you find something striking.

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Priyanshu Singh is a marketing distributor at, a topmost shopping website. He has got a great sense of advertising in clothing line. From vintage collection of Sridevi to modernistic collection worn by today’s stars, he shares the best styling tips through his educative blogs and articles.

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